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Backing the UK trade and export

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Backing the UK

Backing the UK's exporters

Barclays has partnered with The Policy Institute at King's College, London to look at how the UK can improve its export performance.

Overview of the partnership between Barclays and The Policy Institute at King's College, London

The partnership includes research, practical advice for exporters, lectures, debates and dinners with key sector leaders, policy makers and influencers. The partnership will provide expert commentary and perspectives on exporting and trade as the UK prepares to leave the EU.

The findings of our exploratory research are summarised in a briefing note and working paper:

Read the briefing note  - How to help UK exporters do more and do better

Read the working paper  - Developing superstar exporters in the UK

The next phase of research will take an in-depth look at exporting by ‘superstar’ exporters; firms selling ten or more products in ten or more overseas markets. It will look to understand how these firms develop, how much they benefit the wider economy through their supply chains of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and how policy can support more firms to attain superstar status. Findings of this research will be released in Autumn/Winter 2018.


Building a stronger UK economy through exporting

Creating jobs and prosperity by supporting UK exports was the key focus of a speech delivered by Jes Staley at London’s King’s Business School. Speaking to an audience of academics, students, policymakers and business leaders, Staley commented on how exporting remains critical for the long-term health of the country and the need to not only increase exporting of products but to develop new markets for UK goods. Read more here

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