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Corporate governance

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Corporate governance
About us

Corporate governance

Our corporate governance framework, code and rules, policies and Board responsibilities.

  • Our framework, code and rules

    Our corporate governance framework provides the basis for promoting the highest standards of corporate governance in Barclays.

  • Board responsibilities

    The Board's principal duty is to create and deliver sustainable shareholder value through setting Barclays' strategy and overseeing its implementation.

  • Board Committees

    Certain responsibilities are delegated to Barclays Board Committees, which assist the Board and provide independent insight of internal control and risk management.

  • Board performance

    Each year, the Board reviews effectiveness to assess its performance. Our review is a formal, rigorous process that has been facilitated externally since 2004.

  • The directors

    Under UK company law, directors must promote the success of the company by exercising independent judgment with reasonable care, skill and diligence, while having regard to the long-term consequences of their decisions.

  • Auditor independence

    Read a summary of our Policy on the Provision of Services by Barclays' statutory auditor.

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