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Board Audit Committee

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Committee responsibilities

  • Reviews accounting policies and the contents of financial reports
  • Monitors disclosure controls and procedures and the internal control environment
  • Considers the adequacy and scope of the external and internal audit
  • Oversees the relationship with our external auditors. 

Committee chairman

Chairman, Mike Ashley

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Specific responsibilities and requirements of the chairman

  • Safeguards the independence of and oversees the performance of Barclays Internal Audit (BIA), including the performance of Barclays Chief Internal Auditor, in accordance with SYSC 6.2 (Internal Audit) of the PRA Handbook.
  • Meets regularly with Barclays Chief Internal Auditor in private to receive briefings on the work of BIA and provides support when necessary to ensure that the independence and integrity of BIA is beyond reproach. 
  • Where an external, independent assessment of BIA is conducted, oversees and approves the appointment of the external assessor. 
  • Monitors the performance of Barclays Chief Internal Auditor as part of his/her dual reporting line to the Committee Chairman and Chief Executive, including approving his/her objectives and performance review. 
  • Recommends the annual remuneration of Barclays Chief Internal Auditor and BIA as a whole, subject to final approval of the Board Remuneration Committee. 
  • Act as the Whistleblower’s Champion in accordance with SYSC 18.4 (Whistleblower’s Champion) of the FCA Handbook, with responsibility for the integrity, independence and effectiveness of the Group’s policies and procedures on whistleblowing, including the procedures for protection from detrimental treatment of staff who raise concerns. 
  • Meets regularly with the lead Audit Partner of the External Auditors in private to discuss their audit work and any issues of concerns arising in between meetings of the Committee.
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Committee member profiles

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