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Board Risk Committee

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Committee responsibilities

  • Recommends total level of financial and operational risk we are prepared to take (risk appetite)
  • Monitors financial and operational risk appetite
  • Reviews limits for individual types of financial and operational risk
  • Monitors the financial and operational risk profile

Committee chairman 

Chairman, Tim Breedon CBE

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Specific responsibilities and requirements of the chairman

  • Safeguards the independence of and oversees the performance of Barclays Risk function, including the performance of Barclays Chief Risk Officer, in accordance with SYSC 7.1.21R and SYSC7.1.22R (Risk Control) of the PRA Handbook.
  • Meets regularly with Barclays Chief Risk Officer in private to receive briefings on the work of Barclays Risk function and provides support when necessary to ensure that the independence and integrity of Barclays Risk function is beyond reproach. 
  • Monitors the performance of Barclays Chief Risk Officer as part of his/her dual reporting line to the Committee Chairman and Chief Executive, including approving his/her objectives and performance review. 
  • Recommends the annual remuneration of Barclays Chief Risk Officer and Barclays Risk function as a whole, subject to final approval of the Board Remuneration Committee. 
  • Uses his/her discretion to decide whether the Committee should review due diligence on Barclays’ transactions valued at £150m - £500m.
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Committee member profiles

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