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Board performance

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Each year, the Board undertakes an effectiveness review, to assess its performance. Our review is a formal, rigorous process that has been facilitated externally since 2004.

Evaluation Statement

A summary of the Board’s progress against the actions taken and findings in 2017 from its 2016 Board Effectiveness Review can be found below. This is described in more detail within the 2017 Annual Report.

Theme Actions taken/findings in 2017
Board Priorities
Time was scheduled for free-ranging discussion around risk, strategy and the Bank’s long term plan during the Board’s annual strategy session. The review reported that Board discussion was more focused and struck a balance between support and challenge.
Board/executive relationship
The review found that the relationship between the Board and executive management deepened during 2017, with executive management feeling well supported.
Optimise communication and collaboration*
The Chairman continued to hold meetings with non-executive Directors ahead of Board meetings to brief them on current issues. Further principles and practices were developed for interaction between the Board and the boards of Barclays UK and Barclays International, building on the Governance Guiding principles created in 2016.
Board appointment process
The Board skills matrix and succession plan were kept under review, with separate skills matrices established for the Barclays UK and Barclays International boards. Board members were updated on recruitment progress and details of potential candidates.
Director induction
The induction programme was reviewed to factor in tailored governance training for new Directors and was extended also to directors of Barclays UK, Barclays International and the Group Service Company.
Reporting to the Board†
The form and content of reporting to the Board was reviewed and refreshed by management to ensure that the Board is provided with appropriate management information on strategy and execution prioritie.

Notes * In 2016 this finding was named ‘Greater awareness of Board Committee work’. In 2016 this finding was named ‘Dealing more strategically with global regulation’

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