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Board responsibilities

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The Board’s principal duty is to create and deliver sustainable shareholder value through setting Barclays' strategy and overseeing its implementation.

In doing so, we pay due regard to matters that will affect the future of Barclays, such as the effect the Board's decisions may have on our employees, the environment, our communities and relationships with suppliers.

The Board also ensures Barclays’ management team achieves the right balance between promoting long-term growth and delivering short-term objectives.

Members of the Board are also responsible for maintaining an effective system of internal control that provides assurance of efficient operations and for ensuring that Barclays’ management team maintains an effective risk management and oversight process across the company.

Summary of matters reserved to the Board

    • Changes relating to capital structure or status as a PLC
    • Approval of annual capital plan
    • Approval of risk appetite and liquidity risk appetite
    • Approval of interim and final financial statements, dividends and any significant change in accounting policies or practices
    • Any share dividend alternative
    • Approval of Barclays' strategy, medium-term and short-term plans
    • Monitoring delivery of the strategy and performance against plan
    • Major acquisitions, mergers or disposals
    • Major capital investments and projects
    • Board appointments and removals
    • Succession planning for key positions on the Board
    • Role profiles of key positions on the Board
    • Approval of the framework for determining the policy and specific remuneration of executive directors
    • Approval of non-executive director remuneration
    • Major changes in employee share schemes
    • Authorisation for directors’ conflicts or possible conflicts of interest
    • Remuneration of auditors and recommendations for appointment or removal of auditors
    • Approval of all circulars, prospectuses and significant press releases
    • Principal regulatory filings with stock exchanges
    • Approval of allotment of shares
    • Rules and procedures for dealing in Barclays securities
    • Terms of reference and membership of Board committees
    • Approval of Board and Board committees performance evaluation process
    • Determination of independence of non-executive directors
    • Approval of Corporate Governance framework
    • Approval of division of responsibilities between the Chairman and Chief Executive
    • Appointment (or removal) of Company Secretary and Chief Risk Officer
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