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Business structure

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About us

Business structure

Barclays operates two clearly defined businesses: Barclays UK and Barclays International

The future structure of Barclays

Barclays is a transatlantic consumer, corporate and investment bank offering products and services across personal, corporate and investment banking, credit cards and wealth management, with a strong presence in our two home markets of the UK and the US. 

These two businesses will be supported by a Group Service Company, which houses the majority of Barclays’ Group Functions and the Chief Operating Office, which includes Operations and Technology.

Barclays will focus on our strength as a transatlantic consumer, corporate and investment bank. The Group will be anchored in the two financial centres of the world, London and New York.
Jes Staley, Group Chief Executive Officer
Antony Jenkins, Group Chief Executive
Barclays UK Barclays  International
Focused UK consumer and business bank with scale Diversified transatlantic wholesale and consumer bank
Personal Banking

UK Cards

Wealth, Entrepreneurs and Business Banking
Corporate and Investment Bank

Consumer, Cards and Payments

Barclaycard and Wealth International

Barclays UK 

Barclays UK is a personal and business banking franchise with true scale, built around our customers’ needs with innovation at its core. It comprises our UK retail banking operations, our UK consumer credit cards business, our UK-based wealth offering, and corporate banking for smaller businesses. With around 22 million retail customers, and almost one million business banking clients, we are a pre-eminent UK financial services provider. This division will become our UK ring-fenced bank by 2019. 

Barclays International 

Barclays International is a diversified transatlantic business comprising our corporate banking franchise, which is market leading in the UK with strong international growth opportunities, our top-tier investment bank, a strong and growing US and international cards business, our international wealth offering, and leading payments capability through both corporate banking and the Barclaycard merchant acquiring expertise. Barclays International has scale in wholesale banking and consumer lending, strength in our key markets, excellent growth potential, and good balance in its revenue streams, delivering further resilience and diversification.   

The Group Service Company, Barclays Services Limited

This entity will be an integral part of Barclays’ future operating model providing a wide range of operations, technology and functional services across the Barclays Group. It will also be a driver for the implementation of Barclays’ COO strategy and support the creation of centres of excellence for the delivery of services within the Barclays Group. 

Our objective is to maintain solid investment grade ratings. Furthermore, we intend to create as much stability in the ratings of B PLC and BB PLC as we can - both before and after structural reform.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is ring-fencing?

Structural Reform, sometimes referred to from a UK perspective as ‘ring-fencing’, aims to create a safer and more resilient banking system within which institutions will be more easily resolved without access to government funds. The regulatory requirements driving Structural Reform vary in different countries but for Barclays it’s principally driven by those of the UK and the US.

In the UK, banking products and services like savings accounts, current accounts and payments will need to be separated from more complex products like derivatives, and from activities that are conducted in locations and markets outside the UK and European economic area.

In addition banks are required to demonstrate “operational continuity” of their “critical services”. Critical services are the infrastructure services that a Bank’s businesses require to operate. Operational continuity is a requirement to ensure that provision of these critical services is robust and capable of continuing through a period of financial difficulty that a bank may face.

In the US, we are required to implement an Intermediate Holding Company - within which all our US subsidiaries will operate. This sits in Barclays International and was made operational in July 2016.

What does Structural Reform mean for Barclays’ customers and clients?

Barclays has announced a structure which is simpler, will accelerate strategy and prepare the bank for Structural Reform. This has no immediate impact on customers or clients. As we work towards the delivery of our Structural Reform requirements between now and January 2019, we will contact our customers and clients in good time if they are affected.

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