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Spectrum Allies are colleagues who are committed to ensuring that Barclays offers LGBT employees a respectful environment.

Stonewall research shows that 26% of employees in the UK are still not comfortable being out at work. Additionally, 62% of Generation Y graduates go back into the closet when they move into employment.

Our allies support the LGBT community in challenging homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, and by educating others on the importance of equality. By staying informed and vocally supporting equality, allies help to make their LGBT colleagues, friends and family feel safer and more comfortable in leading their lives.

By promoting the importance of diversity and respect in our workplace, allies help Barclays recruit, retain and develop LGBT talent.

Our Spectrum Allies commit to being:


Attend Ally training (where offered)
Attend at least two Spectrum network events annually


Display/distribute ‘Proud to be an Ally’ tent cards


Challenge bad behaviour in the workplace
Encourage colleagues to get involved with Spectrum by sharing information about the network


Suggest to your local Spectrum leaders additional way Allies can support the LGBT agenda


Visit the Spectrum site and sign up to become an official Spectrum Ally

Meet our Spectrum Allies

Dr. Rhian-Mari Thomas, Chairman and Managing Director of Barclays Green Banking Council, is a senior sponsor of the Barclays Spectrum network. Read her thoughts on why inclusion is so important and why she became an LGBT advocate.

Read her thoughts on why inclusion is so important and why she became an LGBT advocate

Andrew Green and Cassie Canham, Spectrum Network members share why they got involved in Spectrum.

Read their interview

VIDEO: Barclays presents: The Power of Out

Sue Baines, Director at Barclays, Co-Chair of Spectrum Network talk about why it’s so important for companies to embrace diversity.

Michael Roemer, Group Chief Compliance Officer and Executive Sponsor of the LGBT agenda talks about the LGBT community at Barclays and the Spectrum Network.

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