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ring-fencing: references

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Concerns, complaints and further information

You can raise any concerns or complaints about the Scheme directly with Barclays through the Barclays’ Objections Portal. We will respond via your preferred contact method in relation to the Scheme-related concern or complaint you have raised. Any concerns or complaints raised in this way are not Statements to the Court. Information about how to make a Statement is available under ‘Statements to the Court’.

Barclays’ Objections Portal can also be used to request further information about the Scheme.

Restrictions on Transfer and Court Orders

Where accounts that would otherwise transfer to the ring-fenced bank are held by customers who are subject to an asset freeze under any applicable sanctions regulation, or where they cannot be lawfully transferred for any other reason, the relevant accounts will be retained by BBPLC until the transfer can be lawfully made.

Where accounts that are transferring to the ring-fenced bank are the subject of a Court order imposing restrictions upon them (such as a freezing order), the items will be transferred to the ring-fenced bank as intended, but they will continue to be subject to the same restrictions under the relevant order after the transfer as applied immediately before the transfer. If your account is subject to a Court order, the terms and conditions of the Court order will remain in place. Please refer to the terms and conditions of your Court order for details of what activities are allowed on your account.

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