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Preparing for ring-fencing
About us

Investment Bank

Investment Bank clients will continue to have access to the same breadth of products and services as they do today, and those products and services will continue to be offered from the same legal entity as they are today: Barclays Bank PLC or its subsidiaries.

A limited number of Investment Bank clients currently hold, or have held in the past, products that UK ring-fencing legislation restricts to clients of the ring-fenced bank, unless the clients qualify to be served by Barclays Bank PLC based on the size or legal status of their organisation. Where required under UK ring-fencing legislation, we will communicate with these clients directly to notify them that we have determined that they qualify to be served by Barclays Bank PLC and, as such, will not experience a change in our product offering.

  • Barclays' approach to UK ring-fencing incorporates an objective of maintaining solid investment grade credit ratings for Barclays PLC and Barclays Bank PLC, and we aim to create as much stability as possible compared to current ratings. Barclays Bank PLC is expected to retain the majority of total Group risk-weighted assets and have strong returns, and will continue to be a well-diversified entity with a well-balanced funding structure.

    In addition to the Investment Bank, Barclays Bank PLC will also comprise our:

    • Corporate Banking business, separate from everyday business banking services offered by the ring-fenced bank;
    • international cards business;
    • payments capability through both Corporate Banking and Barclaycard; and
    • Private Bank & Overseas Services business, separate from retail wealth services offered by the ring-fenced bank.

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