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Preparing for ring-fencing
About us

Investment Bank

Which part of Barclays am I in?

All Investment Bank clients and counterparties will continue to be served by their existing entity, Barclays Bank PLC and its subsidiaries. The Investment Bank has not transferred any of its clients or counterparties to the ring-fenced bank, Barclays Bank UK PLC (BBUKPLC).

How does this affect me since I was not transferred to the ring-fenced bank?

The Investment Bank’s placement within the Barclays group structure is unaffected by ring-fencing and ring-fencing had no impact on the breadth of products and services offered by the Investment Bank.

  • The way in which we handle your personal data, including your account details and contact information, as well as the purpose for holding it and way it is used, will remain as set out in your customer agreement or other product or service documentation. We will be under the same obligation to uphold your data protection rights and to keep personal data secure.

    Your personal data may be shared between our ring-fenced bank (Barclays Bank UK PLC), Barclays Bank PLC, their respective subsidiaries and other parts of the Barclays Group.

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