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Preparing for ring-fencing
About us

Suppliers, Partners and Landlords

How do these changes impact our relationship?

Barclays’ suppliers, partners and landlords play a critical role in enabling us to both deliver services to our customers and clients, and operate effectively as a bank. This will continue to be the case in Barclays future ring-fenced structure. We will be in contact with our suppliers, partners and landlords to provide further information about what Barclays ring-fencing will involve for them

Ring-Fencing Transfer Scheme

As one of our suppliers, partners or landlords, there may be a need to move your contract(s) into one of the newly created legal entities. However, there should be no impact to the way you currently interact with the us. To find out more about these changes please refer back to the Customer Information Portal homepage.

More information for suppliers working with usMore information for suppliers working with us
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