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Supplier events

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Meet the 2017 Barclays Supplier Award winners 

On Thursday 4 May, the fourth annual Barclays Supplier Awards ceremony was held in One Churchill Place, London to recognise those suppliers who have partnered with Barclays to deliver excellence and innovative solutions for our clients and customers. 

The event was sponsored by Al Williams, Chief Procurement Officer. During the event, Al shared insights on the Procurement strategy and work currently underway to simplify the supplier management process.

Al commented; “One of my strategic priorities is to make Procurement a preferred destination for colleagues, stakeholders and suppliers, and recognising high performing suppliers is right in the middle of what we are here to celebrate today”.

The award categories, winners and finalists are:

Award  Winner

Supplier of the Year
A supplier that exemplifies the Barclays Values and has consistently provided an excellent service as well as innovative solutions over a number of years.

Presented by Richard Taylor
Chairman, Global Corporate & Investment Banking

Hometrack for its delivery of an automated valuations platform for mortgage lending that allowed mortgage cases to receive valuation within approximately five seconds vs. two days.

Other finalists:

  • TSYS
  • Wipro

Innovation of the Year
A specific supplier-led initiative delivered in 2016 that transformed a product or platform to deliver a strategic advantage for Barclays.

Presented by Mark Ashton-Rigby, Group Chief Information Officer

Watermelon for developing Barclays’ first, enterprise-wide, customer experience research platform featuring automated dashboards that allow for improvements to be immediately implemented by front-line colleagues.

Other finalists:

  • Gemalto
  • Wave

Customer Experience Initiative of the Year 
A supplier-led initiative delivered in 2016 that has significantly improved the experience of Barclays’ customers or clients.

Presented by Steven Cooper, Chief Executive Officer, Barclaycard Business Solutions   

SPB for its introduction of a Buy Back Guarantee service, a unique Barclaycard offering, allowing customers to sell previously purchased products back at a guaranteed 50% of original purchase price.

Other finalists:

  • Intelenet Global Services
  • Ten Concierge

Citizenship Initiative of the Year
A supplier-led initiative delivered in 2016 that has supported the Barclays Shared Growth ambition by meeting a societal or environmental need in a commercially viable way.

Presented by Jon Whitehouse, Group Head of Government Relations and Acting Head of Citizenship and Reputation

AbilityNet for its research, design, development and co-location approach that have helped Barclaycard distinguish its disability-friendly mobile applications using front-end design, not bolt-on afterthought, functionality.

Other finalists:

  • GibbsS3

Diverse Supplier of the Year
A diverse supplier (small/medium business or women, minority, LGBT, persons with disabilities, veteran business) that has delivered a breakthrough solution or service excellence in 2016.

Presented by Kathryn McLeland, Head of Investor Relations

90 Seconds for its cost-effective, digital video, global production platform that allows filming by local freelancers and editing through a centralised workflow management platform.

Other finalists:

  • activplay limited
  • UKPR

Previous news stories

  • Following successful events in London and South Africa, on Friday, 16 October, Barclays welcomed nearly 100 diverse suppliers to take part in our inaugural Supplier Diversity Day in New York.  The aim of the day was to not only support entrepreneurship from under-represented segments of society – those businesses recognised as ethnic minority, women, veteran, service-disabled, LGBT, persons with disabilities and small enterprises -  but also to find suppliers that can help Barclays offer better products and services to our customers, clients and colleagues.

    Tom King, CEO for the Investment Bank, opened the event, explaining that as banking is a people business, we need to find the very best talent in the market from all segments of society and enable us to be “be better at welcoming and serving customers from all societies, cultures and communities.” Tom went on to say that “Diverse teams make better decisions” and this isn’t just true of our colleagues – it is also true of our suppliers, who we see as an extension of our business.

    Based upon preliminary results, 66% of the suppliers interviewed are to be considered for request for proposals in the next 6-12 months or are good candidates for subcontracting opportunities with one of our prime suppliers. At least two firms have already received non-disclosure agreements to delve deeper into opportunities.

    During the day, companies were provided with an overview of Barclays, an outlook on the economy, and details on upcoming supply opportunities.  We introduced our Women in Leadership and Return on Disability ETN products and hosted an executive chat session with Sameer Jain, CIO and Head of Change for the Investment Bank and Charles Schwarz of the Design and Digital Office, on how and why we support disruptive FinTech start-ups. 

    Attendees were offered a banking master class – from Micro to IPO, which provided valuable information on leveraging debt to finance growth, strategic use of private equity, growth through mergers and acquisition and executing IPOs.

    Additionally, most companies also received one-on-one interviews with Barclays strategic sourcing or business unit decision-makers and were provided a “30-second elevator pitch” to promote their companies to one another and Barclays’ representatives.

    After the event, Harvey Butler, Global Head of Supplier Diversity said “As a leading international financial institution, we understand the significance of entrepreneurship in building prosperous communities.  Supplier Diversity is one of the ways Barclays demonstrates its Citizenship agenda by engaging potential partners to help us become more efficient, deliver new and innovative products in the market and future-proof our revenue streams by being, thinking and acting differently”

    One of the attendees summarised what many others had stated throughout the day: “The lineup of speakers was very impressive; I gained so much information about Barclays that I did not know.  Thank you all for a job well done!  Having attended hundreds of similar corporate events over the years, I can confidently say this was one of the best ever.”

  • Barclays Supplier Awards 2015-16 

    Barclays will host our third annual Supplier Awards ceremony in April 2016 to recognise those partners that stand out from the crowd and help us to be a true leader and innovator in financial services.

    Suppliers can be nominated by Barclays employees across five different award categories:

    • Supplier of the Year – A supplier that exemplifies the Barclays Values and has consistently provided service excellence as well as innovative solutions that deliver sustainable benefits
    • Citizenship Initiative of the Year – A specific supplier-led initiative delivered in 2015 that has helped banking become more inclusive, reflecting the diversity of the communities in which Barclays operates or has had a positive social or environmental impact
    • Diverse Supplier of the Year – A diverse company* that has delivered a breakthrough solution or service excellence in 2015
    • Transform Initiative of the Year – A specific supplier-led initiative delivered in 2015 that transformed a product or platform into one that builds strategic advantage for Barclays by delivering revenue enhancement, cost reduction and/or process innovation
    • Customer Experience Initiative of the Year – A specific supplier-led initiative delivered in 2015 that has significantly improved the experience for Barclays’ customers or clients.

    The nominations process will close on Friday, 22 January.  Three finalists will then be chosen for each award and will be invited to attend the ceremony in London. 

    For more information, please contact your supplier manager or email Barclays Global Sourcing and Supplier Management.

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More information

If you require further information on Sourcing at Barclays please submit your request via the following email address and we will endeavour to reply to your query.

Barclays Global Sourcing and Supplier Management

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