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Every day we help people, families, entrepreneurs, small business owners, company CEOs, home owners, savers and more.

Today we tell the story of our contribution to the UK economy and to society.

Total contribution to the UK economy £13.6bn
Support for government (by raising capital) £9.6bn
Start-ups supported 98,000
Farmers supported 34,000
Young people reached through Barclays LifeSkills since 2013 5.5m
Apprentices hired since 2012 3,400

Barclays works up and down the country with employees in every community, helping our local and national economies grow.

‘Barclays Backing the UK’ presents information and data from across all of Barclays’ activities in the UK in 2017. It has been analysed by an independent economist at Development Economics Ltd to produce a comprehensive view of Barclays’ impact.

Writing in the foreword of the report, Jes Staley, Group Chief Executive, said: “Barclays has been part of the fabric of the UK for over 327 years, and our success as a business has always been inextricably linked to the progress of the people and the businesses that we serve here. With over 24 million customers and clients today, this is arguably truer now than it has ever been. As we go through this period of uncertainty, one thing is clear: Barclays is in the United Kingdom to stay, and here to help, just as we have always been.”

In addition to the information and data contained in the report, there are also many stories about how we are helping customers, clients, communities and employees to succeed. One example is Winnie Bullock, a Barclays Apprentice in the cryptography team who is also a farmer outside of work and a university student. There’s also Aron Gelbard, co-founder of Bloom & Wild, which is a rapidly growing florist specialising in British flower designs delivered through the letterbox. Find out more about Barclays' impact by downloading the report. 

Download the report (3MB PDF)Download the report (3MB PDF)

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