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Principles governing shareholder communication

Barclays is committed to promoting effective and open communication with all shareholders, ensuring consistency and clarity of disclosure at all times. We aim to engage with our shareholders transparently and regularly in order to facilitate a mutual understanding of our respective objectives. We strive to be accessible to both institutional and private investors, and proactively encourage all shareholders to participate at our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Financial reporting

As part of our Transform programme in February 2013, we committed to providing greater disclosure and transparency in our financial reporting, with the aim of being industry leading.

We aim to deliver all financial and strategic communications in a consistent and open way, ensuring wherever possible, the use of ‘plain English’ to make such disclosures easily intelligible and in order to present a fair, balanced and understandable assessment of the company’s position and prospects. We welcome feedback and suggestions for improvement, which can be submitted to Investor Relations.

All financial reports and regulatory announcements as well as associated materials including management presentations and transcripts are made available on on a timely basis for all investors to access.

AGM participation

We understand the importance of communicating effectively with shareholders and are committed to the constructive use of the AGM for the Board, Chairman and Directors to meet with shareholders, hear their views and to answer their questions.

We proactively encourage shareholder participation in the AGM, both by attending the meeting and voting, either in person or by proxy. We also engage with institutional investors to seek their views on our resolutions and to ensure a high level of voting participation.

The AGM is held at the Royal Festival Hall in London, which we believe is accessible and convenient for the majority of shareholders. Those that are unable to attend in person can submit questions to the Board before the meeting by contacting Shareholder Relations.

Institutional investors

Barclays Investor Relations is dedicated to managing relationships with institutional equity and debt investors. A structured engagement programme is in place to ensure regular and proactive communication with shareholders.

We aim to balance investor engagement throughout the year, providing the opportunity for frequent interaction with all investors through a variety of forums including meetings, conference calls, investor conferences and management presentations. We also periodically hold investor days in addition to our quarterly results presentations to update investors on our businesses and strategy.

Approximately half of our investor activity is conducted by executive management, including the Group Chief Executive and Group Finance Director as well as other senior divisional management, with the remainder led by the Investor Relations team.

The Chairman, Senior Independent Director and other Non-Executive Directors also meet regularly with our larger shareholders to hear their views on corporate governance matters, including remuneration, Board composition and specific AGM resolutions.

Private shareholders

We have a Private Shareholder Relations strategy with the objective of making shareholders’ lives easier where possible, which is overseen by the Group Finance Director and Company Secretary.

We very much welcome direct feedback from our shareholders whom we also periodically consult to confirm how they would like to receive shareholder information. We actively encourage electronic communication to ensure they receive this on a timely and regular basis. We also encourage shareholders to sign up to Shareview, which is an online portal that allows them to manage their shareholdings and receive notifications of our results publications and dividend information, as well as other services.

We maintain a dedicated helpline with our Registrar so that shareholders can easily contact them if they have a question about their shareholding. In order to ensure that our Registrar provides the highest quality of service to our shareholders, we monitor their performance on a monthly basis via their service reports and review meetings.

Corporate governance

We are committed to promoting the very highest standards of corporate governance in Barclays. We seek to be at the forefront of global best practice and to respond, in a timely fashion, to corporate governance developments. “Corporate Governance In Barclays” is a comprehensive statement of our corporate governance values and how we put them into practice. It can be obtained from the corporate governance section of our website,

There is a wide range of information for all shareholders available on this website.

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