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At Barclays, we want to ensure that our customers and clients have access to financing that places green principles at its core and are committed to put our beliefs into practice with the launch of our Green Bond Framework.

The Green Bond Framework supports our approach to Green Finance and enables increased engagement and discussion with investors about our shared approach to global environmental sustainability.


Barclays cannot succeed or prosper unless the societies and communities in which we live and work also succeed and prosper.
Jes Staley, Barclays Group Chief Executive Officer

Barclays’ success and prosperity is closely linked to the success and prosperity of the communities in which we live and work. This principle guides the way we do business and drives our commitment to play a leading role in the transition towards a sustainable environment and low carbon global economy. In order to deliver long-term sustainable value, we consider that when customers and clients do well, so do we. When the communities we live and work in thrive, we do too. And when society prospers, we all do – it’s not one, or the other.

Barclays Green Bond Framework, September 2017 (PDF 111KB)Barclays Green Bond Framework, September 2017 (PDF 111KB) Second Party Opinion from the Carbon Trust, September 2017 (PDF 631KB)Second Party Opinion from the Carbon Trust, September 2017 (PDF 631KB)
Date Issuer Title
February 2018 Barclays PLC Barclays Green Bond Investor Report (PDF 415KB)

Barclays Green Bond Assurance Statement (PDF 706KB)

CBI Post Issuance Certificate (PDF 237KB)

Confirmation of Post Issuance Certification (PDF 90KB)
November 2017 Barclays PLC Report of Factual Findings, Carbon Trust (PDF 245KB)

Confirmation of Approval, Climate Bonds Initiative (PDF 635KB)

Certification, Climate Bonds Initiative (PDF 645KB)

0.625% Fixed Rate Senior Reset Notes due 2023 – Drawdown Prospectus (PDF 365KB)
September 2017 Barclays PLC Investor presentation (PDF 631KB)
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