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Liquidity metrics demonstrate the strength and quality of our liquidity pool.

Liquidity pool: size and composition

The group maintains a strong and high-quality liquidity pool

Liquidity pool: size and composition

Liquidity stress tests1

As shown below, the liquidity pool exceeds the anticipated net outflows under the 30-day Barclays-specific LRA

  Jun-17 Dec-16
LRA 155% 120%
Buffer £71bn £29bn

1 Disclosed on a semi-annual basis

Liquidity requirements under CRD IV / Basel 3

Barclays monitors compliance against anticipated CRD IV / Basel 3 metrics, including the Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR):

  Jun-17 Mar-17 Dec-16
LCR1 149% 140% 131%

1 LCR base on the CRD IV rules as implemented by the European Commision delegated act 


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Results and reports

Latest financial results announcements and reports.

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