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Barclaycard’s commitment to the future

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At Barclaycard, technology and innovation are at the core of our success. We want the next generation to be just as inventive and ambitious so we want to unlock their potential to innovate. Barclaycard colleagues across the globe have dedicated their time to working with young people in order to develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed in the tech industry.  

  • Apps for Good, an organisation which aims to transform the way technology is taught in schools, has been one of Barclaycard’s charity partners since 2011. Apps for Good encourages kids to think about how issues in the community can be solved by creating an app. Students then present their ideas to charity partners. Barclaycard sponsored the “Saving, Spending, and Giving” category, inspiring the students to think about innovation in the payments landscape.
  • Our teams in Spain and Portugal hosted an “Innovation Camp” for students ages 15-18 to help realise their potential to innovate. The camps presented the students with a real world business case study and they were challenged to find a ground-breaking solution. The sessions gave the students creative resources, focused on building their confidence and encouraged them to think in an entrepreneurial way.
  • After being invited to present at the Girls in IT initiative in 2010, Barclaycard’s Head of Digital Services, Cheryl Kennedy, made a commitment to get more girls involved in the tech industry. The Girls in IT initiative centres on a speaker series and mentor programs to motivate school girls to consider a future in IT. More than 70 Barclaycard colleagues have participated in the initiative which aims to influence girls in 5,000 schools across the UK.

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