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Meet Chris

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Getting it right first time is a reward in itself.
Chris, Mortgage Advisor
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Position: Mortgage Advisor, Retail

The customer is at the heart of everything that Barclays does - we have all the procedures in place to make the customers’ lives easier. Getting it right first time is a reward in itself.

When I first joined Barclays I could foresee it being a more regimented working environment, but in fact it’s actually a more relaxed environment. Customers come to see me when they’re looking to buy a new house or remortgage.

The job also gives me the ability to use my knowledge and understanding of the mortgage market to help people get into their dream homes. When we’re looking at a mortgage it is their biggest commitment, their biggest outgoing that they’re going to have, so Barclays having a great product selection means we’re always able to help and provide a solution for those customers.

Recently I took part in a money skills event where we went into a local school, purely just to talk to the children about the benefits of managing money and saving, and how to look after their own finances.

Prior to working at Barclays, I worked as a mortgage broker for both smaller independent estate agents as well as larger corporate estate agents. I’ve been at Barclays for almost four years now. My ultimate career ambitions are to move up through the retail mortgage ladder and go into some sort of senior management role. Barclays is a great place to work - even though it’s a large organisation you still get the small business feel. You’ll also find that it’s a great family environment, which makes it a great environment to work in.

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