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If you've done these jobs, you would be a great complaint handler

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The job of complaint handler requires a variety of competencies, and people who undertake this role at Barclays have had different experiences. The focus is very much on transferable skills – someone who’s had previous complaints knowledge is likely to be a good match but this expertise isn’t essential, as we focus on who can make the easiest transition to the role.

One of the best things about the complaint handler team is that there’s a real age range, from those who have just left school to those who are in their 50s. The offices have a team-centric atmosphere, where employees work hard but also have fun at the same time.

Here we take a look at the backgrounds of the Barclays team at the Poole and Northampton offices and how the skills they gained in their past roles made them suitable for the complaint handler job.


Those who have worked in the retail industry have some very similar skills to complaint handlers: they communicate directly with customers and are the face of the brand. Those working in retail know how to put people at ease, and this is something that complaint handlers are required to do as people sometimes get nervous when they get a phone call from their bank.

A great handler will make the customer feel comfortable and will also communicate clearly so they are understood. A lot of complaint handlers say that speaking with customers is one of the most enjoyable parts of their job.

Education Sector

It may seem strange that someone who worked closely with children would be a good fit – but many of the skills overlap. Both roles require excellent negotiation skills, ensuring the customer or student answers the necessary questions. In the case of complaints, handlers must make sure that they get the information needed to process the complaint, which can be a challenge on some occasions.

Thankfully Barclays are excellent teachers themselves, and put time into training new team members, making sure they know how to negotiate with customers.


Calling customers is the biggest focus of the complaint handler’s day and they spend a lot of time on the telephone. Those who have worked in call centres in the past and have developed an excellent phone manner will definitely be comfortable with some parts of the role. Most of these calls will be outbound, so handlers have the time to get to know a customer’s case before speaking to them.

Travel Industry

Providing excellent customer service is at the heart of everything that Barclays do. Some of our staff once worked in the travel industry. The key to this is to understand the customer’s needs and guiding them through the process. Customer service is similar in all industries, whether it is to book a dream holiday or explaining how the claim procedure works.

Putting the customer first is central to Barclays’ values, so those who have worked in consumer-facing industries will already have a wealth of valuable experience they can bring to their role here.


It’s definitely not a priority at Barclays to have previous experience in the financial sector, but there will certainly be some overlap with the role of complaint handler if you’ve worked in a similar role for a similar organisation to ours. If you’ve worked in the banking industry you will have an understanding of the industry and the processes used.

Barclays are a very innovative company, so although those with experience at other banks have some advantages, all complaint handlers are given extensive training to equip them to do the job. A lack of banking experience shouldn’t prevent you from applying for a job with us.

If you think you have the right skills to work for Barclays check out the latest complaint handler job opportunities.

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