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Meet Lynne

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We have a really energising, fun environment with a lot of colleagues who are really proud to work with Barclays
Lynne, Director, HR
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Position: Director, Human Resources

In the retail bank we have hundreds of thousands of customers that visit us every day whether be it in our branches, on the phone or on our online banking system so the great thing is we have a lot of opportunity to really serve those customers well and make their lives much easier.

It’s particularly rewarding for our staff when they’re handling something that’s a really important part of someone’s life in terms of are they buying a new home, buying a new car, some savings for children’s education or they’re about to go on their holiday tomorrow and they’ve come in for their holiday money. So lots of opportunities to serve customers and look after our customers. The retail bank culture is all about the customer.

It’s about serving our customers well and if you don’t directly work with the customers, it’s about serving our colleagues who do serve our customers. So the whole thing is focused around the customer.

And the things we value in doing that with 30,000 people so nobody does that on their own. We really value team working and collaboration and that focus on the customer, always thinking about what is it I could do, what is it I could improve for this customer, right now.

Retail and business banking is on a journey to making our customers’ lives much easier. And the way we want to do that is recognising that customers want things dealt with efficiently, they want things dealt with fast. They want some transparency so they know what’s happening as things are going through a process, and they want to feel like an individual and feel like we do understand them, we understand their needs and we’re there to actually serve those needs and look after them.

So that’s the journey that we’re on and that’s the things we’re trying to do is kind of relentlessly focus on how can we improve the products, how can we improve our service to our customers and look after them even better than we’ve been doing before.

And I think from a HR perspective we’ve got a lot of responsibility because that’s about getting great colleagues into the business through our hiring processes, but then also providing the right development opportunities for those colleagues and the right skills development for those colleagues so they are in a position to really serve our customers well.

We can provide great career opportunities for people at Barclays. We need people that love working with customers and really want to serve our customers well and we’ll enable them with all the right skills to do that, so lots of opportunity to pick up new skills, to move around the organisation, work in different roles. And we also have a really energising, fun environment with a lot of colleagues who are really proud to work with Barclays so it’s a great team you’ll be joining too.


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