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Meet Adam

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Our working environment is exceptionally positive, with ideas being considered on their merit, rather than where or who they came from.
Adam, EU Rates Sales
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Position: Director, EU Rates Sales, Investment Bank

Location: London, UK

I work in European Fixed Income Rates Sales, covering 'Real Money' clients. My team specialises in Bonds and Interest Rate Derivatives (captured under the term 'Fixed Income'), and within that 'Rates', meaning we focus mainly on government-related products (e.g. UK Gilts, US Treasuries, Bunds, and their various derivatives).

I graduated with a Masters in Economics in 1998, and joined the graduate programme and became a member of our UK Economics team. Over the next several years I was given a lot of opportunity for exposure to clients and to other areas of Barclays. I worked hard to develop my skills and was given great guidance by my manager.

In 2005, I moved to our Portfolio team, which is a group managing the firm's holdings of assets. While I was really enjoying my role in this team, I was approached by a group of managers in Sales in 2006, who thought my background in Economics and then the Portfolio team would give me a good basis for a career in this area. I thought long and hard about the opportunities that both teams might hold for me and eventually decided to make the move to Sales.

As a salesperson, my role is of course heavily client-focused. I need to keep my clients up to date with all of the developments in the financial markets, understand their needs and pre-empt how I'll be able to help them next. I also need to ensure that they are fully aware of all the ways in which we can add value for them.

My exceptionally varied and stimulating working day begins just before 07:00, getting up to speed with all the overnight developments; then from around 08:00 the daily round of calls to clients begins. I also handle clients wanting to execute trades, attend client meetings, discuss current issues with Trading and Research, and analyse the development of my business.

Another aspect of my role that I find very rewarding is my involvement in diversity and mentoring initiatives. I take part in the Sponsors for Educational Opportunity selection process, which identifies students from ethnic minorities and finds internship placements for them in banks around the City each summer. In addition, I am a mentor for a junior colleague in another part of the firm, via the firm-wide Human Capital Programme for Sales.

The Barclays working environment is exceptionally positive, with ideas being considered on their merit, rather than where or whom they came from. Issues are addressed in a constructive and positive manner, and partnership is a key aspect of the interactions of the different parts of the business.

The arrival of my two children in the last few years has helped me understand what a great responsibility it is to be a parent of a young family. As a result of this, my spare time is somewhat less 'spare' than it was, but Barclays management actively encourages all of us to strike the right balance between life inside and outside work (whether or not we have children). The idea here is simple - if we don't get that balance right, we can't enjoy our work.

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