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Meet Alison

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Alison is the Chief Operations and Technology Officer for our UK cards business. She’s worked in the credit card business for over 17 years and has just been featured in the ‘2015 Top 100 OUTstanding & FT Leading LGBT Executives List’. Here she talks about life at Barclaycard, work-life balance and winning awards.

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It's important to me to be able to join the dots within the organisation, working with colleagues at improving collaboration and relationships.
Alison Berryman, Chief Operations and Technology Officer
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Position: Chief Operations and Technology Officer, Barclaycard

I've worked in the credit card industry for 17 years. I've had really diverse roles from credit card launches at Morgan Stanley to digital marketing and customer management at Goldfish. After Barclaycard acquired Goldfish, I seized the opportunity to be part of a market leading brand with a start-up mentality.

I'm very proud to be the Chief Operations and Technology Officer for UK Cards - it's a fabulous business which has continued to grow in a very saturated market.

As we focus on the immediate future, it's important that the team and I deliver the right technology solutions and great customer service with an efficient model. We have a highly motivated team which continues to work closely with the business in delivering successful outcomes.

My skill set lies in collaborating with colleagues, setting the direction and making things happen.

It's important to me to be able to join the dots within the organisation, working with colleagues in improving collaboration and relationships. I’m often also seen as a ‘trouble-shooter’ and it's critical to ensure we have the ability to react and respond when situations arise.

Barclaycard values individuals - their differing skills and perspectives - it's a culture where you really can be who you are and bring your whole self to work. There’s a serious commitment to creating a dynamic and diverse workforce at Barclaycard. We work flexibly and dynamically to get the job done and, best of all, that culture has been established from the top down. Work/life balance is respected and encouraged. As a mother of two young boys, I make a conscious effort to get home for bedtime and to spend time with my wife.

I’m also involved in the Barclay’s Spectrum network which supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender colleagues. Spectrum plays an important role in driving awareness of the key issues and works closely with charities and leading LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) organisations.

Winning awards inspires me to do more.

After winning Inspirational Role Model at The LGBT Awards 2015 and being named one of the Top 50 Out at Work Executives by The Telegraph, I really began to think about what more I could do for the LGBT network. I wanted to be more engaged, more candid and more conscious about being out in the workplace.

Over half of people are uncomfortable with being gay at work and 62% of people who have been openly gay at university or school will go back into the closet at work. I talk to so many people who talk about the challenge of coming out ‘over and over again’ when they start a new job or meet new people. I want to help create an environment where LGBT colleagues know that they are in a safe environment, and continue to raise awareness - Barclaycard is a great place to do this.

It’s not just about me. We all have a role to play in creating the culture in which we work.

Barclaycard sets an excellent example. It has a strong diversity and inclusion agenda with 5 pillars: gender, LGBT disability, multigenerational and multicultural. I believe that these pillars are not just for the minorities, they are for everyone. In order to change culture, we need the majority to be involved in minority groups. It’s about having men in the women’s network and allies in the LGBT community in order to change the perspective.

Together we really can make a difference.

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