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Meet David

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Working at such a big organisation like this, there are so many opportunities, whether here in the UK or abroad.
David, Private Banker
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Position: Private Banker, Wealth & Investment Management

Location: London, UK

I studied Economics at the University of Exeter, and did the Erasmus exchange programme so spent my third year, and also did my internship, abroad.

The thing that made me want to become a Private Banker at Barclays was looking to work for a large financial institution at the beginning of my career. Working at such a big organisation like this, there are so many opportunities, whether here in the UK or abroad.

I knew that I wanted to be a Private Banker and there weren't many companies in the industry that offered a specific training programme, to create (as we call it) the 'next generation' of Private Bankers. So working for a firm that had that clear objective was certainly something that attracted me to Barclays.

My typical day varies so much. Not knowing what is going to happen makes the job interesting and keeps things varied. You come in every day and you are not sure where your work will be taking you that day, but it's great.

I have been very lucky. I work with a long-standing Private Banker here, and the thing that surprised me most is the relationships that he's been able to build with his clients over a number of years. When we go to a meeting, it's as though old friends are coming together as opposed to that relationship of Banker and client. The relationship obviously works out very well for the client: we can deliver solutions for them and for us it's great to have those long-standing relationships that we know we can rely on.

The key to success as a Private Banker is being able to manage your workload and being able to organise yourself and your team to deal with the many different things that are going on at any one time. It goes without saying that in this industry you really have to enjoy dealing with people.

I think it's fair to say that Barclays Wealth and Investment Management really gives you the support that you need to do that. Certainly friends elsewhere, it would seem, don't get the level of support that we do here at Barclays, such as working with the more experienced members of the team. Learning from them is really how you learn to become a banker, I think.

The thing I find most interesting about working with our clients, and it's always amazed me during my three-year career at Barclays, is the broad range of clients we have and how they have been successful and built their wealth. I like the fact that we are dealing with the key decision-maker in a relationship.

The other thing is that the key to it is dealing with people. Your role as a Banker is very much about that relationship you build with your clients.

I was lucky enough to go and work in our Singapore office for six months and that was a very eye-opening experience. It was great having the opportunity to work on a different continent, and a big thing that really differentiated it for me was working with a different client set.

Now that I have finished the programme and become a junior Private Banker, working in the Middle East team, one of the things that I am really looking forward to is travelling out to the region, meeting our clients.

It's certainly going to be challenging, but it is something that I will welcome over the coming years. I will build a book of my own clients and really shape my franchise as a Banker.

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