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Meet Diego

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Diego heads up Barclaycard’s business in Spain. While the company is a relative newcomer in the Spanish market, Diego has ambitious plans to turn Barclaycard Spain into a top-three player in its segment.


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Being a leader is all about getting the best out of people.
Diego Ferreiro, Country Head of Barclaycard Spain
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Position: Country Head of Barclaycard Spain

My whole career has been connected to credit cards and consumer finance. After studying business administration in the UK and Spain, I started out with Citigroup over here.

In 2005, I moved to Italy to become the company’s card sales director and spent five years in the role until Barclays took over the business in 2010. After the acquisition, I became head of marketing for Barclays, before returning to Spain to become cards head, where I drove the re-launch of Barclaycard in the country.

I’m now the Country Head for Barclaycard in Spain, where I have responsibility for, among other things, commercial strategy and business results.

Empathy is one of the main skills you need to do my job well, because you need to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and colleagues.

Being a leader is all about getting the best out of people, so you need excellent empowerment, communications and energizing skills. Strategic thinking and being results-orientated are essential too.

Our business in Spain has the energy of a start-up. Because it’s a young business, the people who work here can make an immense impact. And they’re really passionate about doing so.

I’m proud to be someone who knows how to build a team mentality and energize my sales people.

Spain has a limited credit supply, which gives us a unique opportunity to build our business here. The economy was the biggest doubt, but it’s now becoming more stable. It’s the perfect scenario for us to grow.

We’re still a small business compared to other Barclaycard businesses in Europe. It’s vital that we grow quickly and build brand awareness.

Going forward, I want us to be a top-three player in our segment and the best place to work in Spain.

What I like best about my job is the interaction I have with people and the fact that it continually challenges my mind. The level of empowerment here gives me the opportunity to generate ideas and transform them into reality.

We’ve achieved a lot in the past 12 months. We delivered proof to the Group that we can grow in Spain, we created an operating model and set out the right structures for the business, and we sponsored the Barclaycard Center: an icon of music, sports and entertainment in the country.

This sponsorship deal is key to promoting our brand awareness, which will support our ambitious growth plans. The working culture at Barclaycard Spain is very different to the classical Spanish culture and that’s why I love it. It’s open, non-hierarchical and dynamic. 

The business has strong values, you can share ideas and it’s meritocratic. People are measured on what they do. There’s also a really strong sense of belonging to a team.

We have to deliver in a difficult market, but we have the passion and expertise to meet the challenge.

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