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Meet Dushy

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Digital Business Analyst Dushy Reddy has only been with the Barclaycard Design and Digital team for a short time, but he’s already loving the collaborative environment.

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A big part of my role involves analysing the needs of people working on fast-moving projects across all digital platforms
Dushy Reddy, Agile Delivery Team
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Position: Agile Delivery Team

Location: Northampton

Moving to Northampton from my home in India meant a big change in work culture, but it’s been a very pleasant change. It’s a very flat structure here, and I’ve been made to feel welcome by the whole team. I joined Barclaycard in the summer of 2014 after spending two years on the graduate programme.

I’m part of the agile delivery team within Digital and a big part of my role involves analysing the needs of people working on fast-moving projects across all digital platforms at Barclaycard.

An agile team is like a normal project management team but in miniature.

Experts across the business collaborate closely with each other, usually in the same physical space. Teams work in ‘sprints’ – fixed periods in which agreed tasks are completed. 

Each day there’s a ‘scrum’ – a stand-up meeting which assesses the previous day’s progress, plans for the current day and addresses any obstacles.

I’m a trained ‘scrum master’, which means I’m responsible for helping people work together on a project to get tasks completed quickly and efficiently. My job involves removing barriers that might be getting in their way to complete a task.

The agile methodology helps us create fast solutions to complex problems.

It’s a dynamic method of working which can dramatically cut the time it takes to deliver new products. A cultural shift is taking place in our way of working, from a ‘waterfall’ delivery methodology to this new agile approach. The waterfall model is far more structured, with work flowing through a set sequence which includes conception, design, construction, testing and production.

Agile is a less formal way of working – and every day I get to interact with passionate teams and share my best agile practices and experiences. It really is exciting and I’m glad to be a part of this evolution within the business.

I love this ‘start-up’ style of working: an entire team co-operating and having fun while delivering a project.

Since joining Barclaycard I’ve tried lots of new things outside of my day-to-day role, including joining some colleagues in their mini running club. I was persuaded to take part in a half marathon around the Silverstone race track just down the road from where we work in Northampton. A first for me!

It was very windy on the day, which made the event tough, but I felt a real sense of accomplishment when I got round the 13 miles in 2 hours and 20 minutes. Quite an ‘agile’ performance for me!

I’m not sure where my role will take me in the future – however, I’m excited at the opportunities that will be available to me as agile starts become the normal way of working across Barclaycard. I enjoy what I’m doing at the moment, and I’m privileged to be working on some exciting projects.

I strongly believe that implementing agile methods will improve our ability to manage changing priorities and help drive customer satisfaction. Ultimately, that will help Barclaycard to become the UK’s ‘go-to’ payments provider.

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