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Meet Jason

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A passion for people and processes has taken Jason Morrey from the Shropshire countryside to Canary Wharf, with a little globetrotting in between. Now, as Barclaycard’s Head of Process Optimisation in Global Payment Acceptance (GPA), he’s helping us give corporate customers around the world even better service.

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Watching people grow and advance their careers, and knowing that I have a part to play in that, is very exciting.
Jason Morrey, Lean Training Team
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Position: Lead Training Team

My background is in business improvement. I studied Lean Competency Systems at Cardiff Business School, where I learned how to develop strategic processes that can help projects get done faster.

My job is all about improving the way we process payments in-store, online and via mobiles.

We have a team of 15, split between Northampton and London. Together, our goal is to make corporate customers’ experience of Barclaycard technology simple, effective and of the highest quality.

I’ve been with Barclaycard for two years, and in this role for about nine months. Before that I spent nine years working in similar roles for banks across Europe, which took me to places like Ireland, France, the Netherlands and Poland.

It’s been a very diverse, exciting journey that’s given me some great experiences, personally and professionally.

In my current role, my main focus is on training the team in lean processes. It’s great to see such a dedicated and hard-working team building their skills and knowledge in our ever-changing industry.

Because of that, it’s a very varied job that involves a lot of thinking about the future of payments. Looking forward to where Barclaycard needs to be in five years' time we’re improving our processes is really important, as is making sure that what we do ties in with the company’s wider strategy.

The past year has been about streamlining our processes and improving transaction time.

We’ve increased our capacity by 30% – or, to put it another way, we’re doing 30% more with the same number of people. I’m very proud of that. The plan now is to grow the business model even further – there’s so much potential in what we can offer our customers.

Working with a great team of people is what I really enjoy.

Watching people grow and advance their careers, and knowing that I have a part to play in that, is very exciting. It’s the part of the job I love the most. In a role like this, I think it’s very important to give people the support they need to be successful.

I was born and brought up in the countryside, near Telford in Shropshire. But I now live in London and consider myself a Londoner. There’s so much about the city to love – it’s so vibrant and always exciting.

A great example of this was Pride in London, of which Barclays is the headline sponsor.

I was on the company’s organising committee, and it was a huge privilege to be involved. Pride in London was amazing, and I was so proud of the Barclays team and what we stood for. I felt humbled by the whole thing. I’d like to see even more colleagues involved next year – not to mention more confetti!

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