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Meet Sandra

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Sandra is Managing Director for Southern Europe Cards and divides her time between offices in Lisbon and Madrid. With a lust for life and a passion for business, she’s busy building the Barclaycard brand across the region.

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I am very proud to lead an amazing group of talented people
Sandra Di Moise, Managing Director for Southern Europe Cards
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Position: Managing Director for Southern Europe Cards

Southern Europe Cards is made up of a group of countries with a shared nature and outlook: we are passionate, truly dedicated and highly engaged as a team.

Our businesses in Spain and Portugal have the same ambition and commitment, which we call the ‘grow’ journey.

However, our positions in those markets are very different. In Spain we are a smaller fish in a large pond, whereas in Portugal we are a big fish that needs to expand its pond.

I am very proud to lead an amazing group of talented people, to serve more than 720,000 customers, to live different experiences every day, and to always face new challenges. In the end, I can say that I love what I do.

I had a life-threatening car accident at the age of 18, which made me fight for my life for months. It triggered a tremendous appreciation and value for everyday life.

My goals for the coming year are to deliver all our corporate targets and be able to recognise my team’s efforts for making it such a successful year in a challenging environment.

The recent success that I’m most proud of is the Barclaycard Center in Madrid. It is Barclaycard’s latest sponsorship venture and our first outside the UK.

Barclaycard Center is a huge milestone for us. It is a high-profile venue in Madrid and boasts a 16,500-seat arena that welcomes a wide range of premier sporting events, including the finals of the Copa del Rey basketball tournament, the European Indoor Athletics Championships and the Taekwondo World Championships.

The venue also hosts headline concerts with some of the world’s leading musicians. Kylie Minogue, Elton John and Beyoncé have already graced its stage.

The sponsorship is key in promoting our brand awareness, which will support our growth ambitions in Spain and more broadly in Southern Europe.

I love to travel. This is where I get my inspiration – from interacting with various cultures, experiencing new social dynamics and understanding the differences between societies. And, of course, this is when I can totally relax and recharge my batteries!

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