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Meet Nicola

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Life at Barclays is much busier and the work involved is a lot more varied than I could have ever imagined.
Nicola, Senior Digital Marketing Manager
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Position: Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Marketing

It makes me proud to work for Barclays, a forward-thinking and innovative bank with like-minded and professional individuals. The working environment is fast paced and buzzing, with many things always going on at once. The team is close knit, enabling opportunities and successes to be shared with like-minded individuals.

Hard work, creativity and innovation are valued at Barclays, and those employees who demonstrate the core of Barclays behaviours are rewarded accordingly.

Life at Barclays is much busier and the work involved is a lot more varied than I could have ever imagined. This is great because it gives good visibility across what other teams do and also leads to increased stakeholder visibility. At the heart of everything we do are our customers and therefore we must put the customer first and be where the customers are at all times, whether that be in branch, on the telephone or online.

Closely aligned to this is the key objective of making both our customers and our colleagues' lives much easier, making their experience with the bank the best that it can be. Autonomy is encouraged and the variation of the role means that numerous key skill sets are used at any given time – whether that be analysing data, coming up with creative ideas, or working with our external media agency to maximise our media performance to reach target and drive maximum ROI.

The move of the digital marketing team into the wider marketing group has proved invaluable and gives great insight into how all of the channels work together to create a powerful campaign and create cut-through in what is often seen as a very competitive market. As for the future, with the increased focus on digital marketing and social media, the team will continue to grow, and with growth comes new opportunity for all.

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