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Oranooce, Senior Business Analyst

I’ve been a Senior Business Analyst at Barclays for four years. Before I joined, one of my top issues was that my three children all go to different schools. Luckily, online reviews of Barclays were very impressive in terms of flexible working. I now work a 4-day week and can work from home or do flexible hours at the office. I’ve managed to implement my work/life balance from that perspective.

How are women represented at Barclays?

I really enjoyed the Women’s Forum at my last company so one of the first things I did when I joined Barclays was look for a Women in Technology group. It was the right fit from the beginning. We come up with lots of initiatives together, such as networking with female apprentices. We also hosted a huge technology event last year here at the Radbroke site, discussing the challenges that women face and how we can help overcome them by creating a brand for yourself. Over 100 people came from companies across the North West. Attendees were mostly women but it was open to men as well. As a result of these initiatives, around 100 Barclays people are now part of Women in Tech.

What has Barclays done to help you succeed personally?

The amount of support you receive here is excellent from day one. Obviously, you take the initiative and drive your own projects, but every step of the way I’ve felt I have help if I need it. It’s one of the reasons why I stay and I really value that about the organisation.

Also, if you have an idea it’s always taken on board. Last year, I thought of inviting one of the speakers from that event to do a talk on career progression, and we all benefited from that. We’ve reached out to young people too and spoken about early careers. I went to a high school last month, and it was interesting to learn that the students there didn’t know much about technology. I was able to reassure them that it’s something they’re perfectly capable of doing.

There can be a perception that technology is nothing more than programming, but it’s so much more varied. For example, I don’t do any coding. I’m aware of what it is, what it’s for and how it’s done but I don’t need it for my job. There’s more to technology than that.

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