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Meet Pauline

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I’m very proud of my team, I built it up from scratch and I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved in that team.
Pauline, Head of Strategic Analytics
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Position: Head of Strategic Analytics, Risk

Risk is a key function at Barclays. Within risk, we cover some specialist areas – we have market risk, credit risk and fraud risk. What they all have in common is protecting Barclays and protecting our customers so in credit risk we make sure we make the right lending decisions and in fraud risk we protect our customers from fraudsters stealing their money.

Risk fits in with the wider retail bank in a couple of very important ways. The first one is obviously our day-to-day job, which is ensuring that we make the right lending decisions, giving our customers access to the funds that they need. The second important role we play is making sure Barclays achieves its plans to be the ‘go-to’ bank. For that we make sure that all of our solutions and projects are risk approved.

The risk environment is very fast paced and demanding. We are responsible for making decisions that impact thousands of customers and millions of transactions every day so it’s important that we get it right so that can feel very pressured and very demanding.

The behaviours that are valued in risk are innovation, the ability to act and make change happen. It’s really important that we work with our business stakeholders to find solutions to risks and issues raised. The ambition for risk is a very clear vision. We have the goal to drive sustainable growth, while maintaining world-class risk management, working with our business partners to drive innovation. The next steps in risk are generally to continue our focus on change.

Our main change agenda is around making lives easier for our customers and for our colleagues so that means making sure it’s easy to open our products in the channel that our customers want to open them in. That’s a really important focus. The other thing we need to put some time into is making sure we leverage our risk skills across Europe and the UK so that’s something we’ll be doing more of this year.

The things that risk has delivered that have made the biggest difference to our customers recently have been the large change initiatives such as Pingit, Barclays mobile banking, these are ground breaking and we’ve played a really important role to make sure we’re protecting both Barclays and our customers and ensuring that the risk element of these projects has been covered.

I joined Barclays four years ago to head up a new Analytics team in the fraud risk management area. In the past four years that role has expanded so I’ve now taken on responsibility for debit card fraud analytics. I’ve covered money laundering and sanctions analytics and more recently this year I’ve taken on the additional responsibility of Europe, where we’ve got some different country portfolios there with very different risk functions and focuses.

The key achievement in my time at Barclays I would say is building a strong analytics team. I’m very proud of my team, I built it up from scratch and I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved in that team.

What keeps me motivated in staying at Barclays is really the pace of change. It’s a very exciting environment to work in and unlike other banks I think the risk function is seen as a business collaboration area where we work very closely with the business to make sure that we get things done.

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