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Meet Thomas

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Barclays has given me every opportunity to develop myself as a person and really push myself forward
Thomas, Account Consultant
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Position: Account consultant, Call Centre

As an Accounts Consultant, my job involves contacting new-to-the bank business customers, welcoming them to Barclays and ensuring that their journey with us has got off to the best possible start. However, now as part of our succession programme I have the opportunity to be a trainee Team Leader, which is a big change to me. I’ve got 10 to 12 people in my team and I spend my days coaching one-to-one, taking buzz sessions, meeting with other management and managing the floor by walking around.

There’s more to it than that of course, there’s the side-by-side coaching, the feeding back of previous calls with the advisors and also understanding what my advisors’ product knowledge needs may be, and suiting training to that.

My typical day is part planned and part ad hoc, you have to be really flexible in what you’re doing but also plan ahead for those important things. As a trainee Team Leader I’m working along with our succession framework and gaining a lot of hands-on experience. And everyday I’m learning something new.

There’s a huge amount of support for me of course, and as team leaders in our dial-a-catch-up meeting, we’ll discuss the types of customers we’ll be calling that day and the best times to be calling them. We support each other to ensure we get the best out of our customer interaction.

Our department proactively contacts our customers to welcome them to Barclays, ensuring that they’re fully equipped to begin their journey with us. It’s fantastic that we can offer them such a great experience. Of course it’s great that we can have some fun too. And when 5pm comes around we’re joined by our key time staff who help us contact more customers. We often hold community buzz sessions at this time to ensure our colleagues are fully energised for the remainder of the working day.

Barclays has given me every opportunity to develop myself as a person and really push myself forward, and all the while I get to meet people and make a positive impact to their day.

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