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Barclays firsts

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Barclays firsts


Pingit was the first UK app to allow payments by mobile phone, using just a phone number. Our technology teams keep Pingit up to date. They collaborate using Agile methods to add new features and incorporate customer feedback.

Assisted Service Counters

We've simplified and automated routine banking transactions for our customers, saving them time while keeping their personal contact with branch staff.

Contactless Cash

We were the first UK bank to enable customers to make more secure cash withdrawals by tapping their smartphone or contactless debit card at an ATM.

Barclays Live

Barclays Live keeps our colleagues and clients connected, offering everything from small-scale web apps and research content to analytic tools based on enterprise-level technology.


bPay is one of the world's first open-loop contactless payment devices, allowing people from the age of 12 to use wearables to pay quickly and easily from a pre-paid account.

Barclays.Net is a customisable online banking site for corporate clients. It's secure and efficient, saving time as well as offering full transparency.

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