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Social Innovation Facility

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Social innovation

Fostering social innovation in the way we think, work and operate is a priority for Barclays.

Barclays Social Innovation Facility (SIF) incubates financial products and services that will have a sustained social or environmental impact. The SIF works with ideas created by innovators within Barclays – our intrapreneurs – and helps support them through the product-development process, from scoping out the market, to commercialising the opportunity. Products range from impact investing to retail banking services for ex-military.

Through the Social Innovation Facility, Barclays is cultivating an intrapreneurial mind-set where colleagues are encouraged to think and develop independent ideas in order to bring new perspectives to our businesses and clients.
Mark Thain, Director of Social Innovation

Intrapreneurs at Barclays

Fostering an environment where employees are able and encouraged to be intrapreneurs is critical to successfully delivering social innovation and surfacing new ideas. Barclays SIF works with hundreds of potential intrapreneurs each year – harnessing employees’ leadership, business planning and strategic thinking skills. Ideation is supported through hackathons, workshops and Intrapreneur Labs, where employees, including our next generation of leaders, come together to uncover new business opportunities.

Begin your intrapreneurial journey today by trying our free tools on the Know-How for Social Innovation created in partnership with Business Fights Poverty

Our success stories

Barclays SIF has invested in 50 projects, supporting their development through a range of financial and non-financial mechanisms. The SIF targets growth markets that are strategically aligned to Barclays, with products and services ranging from impact investing funds to blockchain solutions addressing transparency in the supply chain.

SIF Insights 

Barclays Social Innovation Facility has been written about in Stanford Social Innovation Review, Harvard Business Review, and in research published by Tufts Fletcher Business School.

We have also launched reports on Sustainable Investing and Bond Returns, Rising to the water challenge, and Investor motivations for impact investing using Behavioural Finance expertise .

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