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Barclays’ employees are an important part of how we deliver our Shared Growth Ambition.

Whether helping to develop products and services that create a positive societal impact and a commercial return, or helping customers and communities gain financial, digital or employability skills, everyone within our business has a role to play in sharing their time, skills and expertise.

Employees become Digital Eagles – helping others to gain online confidence, they mentor and coach entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, they design innovative products and services delivering societal impact and they volunteer their time and skills to support others.

To find out more of this in practice, follow Barclays graduate Elizabeth as she blogs about her work supporting non-profits to capacity build and develop financial management strategies.

Barclays Citizenship Awards

The Citizenship Awards recognise and celebrate Barclays’ employees who go above and beyond in their commitments to exemplify what Citizenship means at Barclays.

In 2016, almost 900 nominations were received, celebrating the vast and outstanding Citizenship work of more than 2,100 employees. The regional awards ceremonies in Hong Kong, London and New York honoured all our finalists and saw 12 winners, chosen by an external judging panel, celebrated for their contributions to Barclays and wider society.  

At the ceremony in London, Jes Staley, Group Chief Executive Officer, said: “This focus on having a positive impact in our communities is not new to Barclays, or indeed our people. It’s been part of our DNA for hundreds of years and it’s one of the reasons I’m proud to lead this institution” 

Barclays is a business built on our people and we are proud of the exceptional contributions that our extraordinary people make to bring to life our Citizenship ambitions.

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Meet the 2016 winners

  • Clients and Customers winner: Jennifer Hitchens 

    Jennifer embarked on a mission to provide Barclaycard Ring customers with a clearer path to credit health by using Barclaycard US’s consumer commitment to simplicity, transparency and advocacy.

    Partnering with FICO, an organisation that provides consumer credit risk scores to lenders, Jennifer connected customers to experts to answer financial questions and developed an online platform to share credit success stories – at no additional cost to the business. 

    The 12-day Ask FICO online event, hosted in the Barclaycard Ring community, created long-term benefits for customers and consumers.

    Watch Jennifer's story Watch Jennifer's story

    Colleagues winner: Karla Maloof 

    Karla’s Board membership at Harlem Educational Activities Fund (HEAF), an academic enrichment and youth development programme in New York, has created opportunities for Barclays employees to mentor students while developing their own skills.

    Starting as a mentor, Karla has created a productive and sustainable relationship with HEAF, where she now sits on the Board. Karla’s relationship with HEAF has facilitated the involvement of more than 50 Barclays employees from across various business units and functions, which has provided valuable personal and professional development opportunities.

    Watch Karla's storyWatch Karla's story

    Partnerships winner: Barclaycard's Apache Youth Entrepreneurship Program 

    Partnering with Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health, the team created the Apache Youth Entrepreneurship Program to increase financial stability, improve education outcomes and reduce mental health issues through entrepreneurship.

    The programme, aimed at high school students from an Indian Reservation in Arizona, teaches students how to craft a business plan through a summer camp and a year-long afterschool programme. At the end of the curriculum, students join a Barclays business incubator to turn their business plans into real start-ups.

    Barclaycard US worked in partnership with Johns Hopkins to create the programme, from writing the curriculum to designing the business incubator. In the initial four years of the programme, students have started 12 businesses and increased their GPAs by 35%.

    Watch the team's story Watch the team's story
  • Clients and Customers winner: Manish Kumar

    Manish and his team developed a solution to a common payments problem faced by customers to provide them with a better service.

    Manish recognised that a number of customers faced a similar issue with payments due to incomplete information on their remittance forms, which was resulting in funds falling into a suspense account each month which could not be reconciled. He spearheaded an initiative to improve the process for customers by enhancing tools, search mechanisms and structured monitoring.

    The efforts of Manish and his colleagues have resulted in successful remittances rising from 72% to 98% and will save £167k annually.

    Watch Manish's story Watch Manish's story

    Colleagues winner: Chennai Citizenship Ambassadors

    The Chennai Citizenship Ambassadors team has engaged more than 4,000 employees to actively support a variety of Citizenship initiatives that have delivered positive societal benefits to the local community.

    Exceeding the targets they set themselves by more than 70%, the Citizenship Ambassadors team inspired employees to volunteer for more than 17,000 hours in 2015. From supporting small businesses with financial planning and writing business plans, to creating a ride-sharing initiative to minimise CO2 emissions, and developing an apprenticeship programme, the team has been an active supporter of Barclays’ Citizenship agenda.

    Watch the team's story Watch the team's story

    Partnerships winner: Audrey Chew

    In partnership with government ministry Infocomm Development Authority (IDA), Audrey brought digital skills to young and elderly people in Singapore.

    Recognising a common goal and the opportunity to leverage the Barclays Digital Driving Licence, Audrey and her team partnered with the IDA to reach younger and older people to help enhance their digital skills, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

    Watch Audrey's story Watch Audrey's story
  • Clients and Customers winner: Industry Certification T&Cs team

    Barclaycard Germany has committed to making terms and conditions (T&Cs) documents easy to understand to empower customers to make more informed financial decisions.

    Refreshed insurance T&Cs developed by Barclaycard Germany have achieved industry standard awards and recognition for simplicity, and the TÜV rating ‘very good’, which reflects that customers can easily find and understand this information.

    Watch the team's story Watch the team's story

    Colleagues winner: Barclays MENA team

    Employees from across MENA businesses in Dubai used their professional expertise to set up a series of training courses to upskill the employees of their local facilities management company.

    The team used feedback from the employees to design and develop training materials to impact their employability skills and help them progress their careers. Barclays employees then delivered financial literacy and English classes to the workers.

    The employee-led initiative saw 38 workers complete the programme in 2015, and the team has relaunched the programme for 2016.

    Watch the team's story Watch the team's story

    Partnerships winner: Davide Spreafico

    Davide and the Italy Legal team successfully partnered with Cascina Bianca to support training for people with autism to help them secure jobs.

    The training programme helps develop vocational skills to enable the students to get jobs in the restaurant industry.

    Leveraging Barclays’ sponsorship of Teatro Nazionale, Davide and the team organised a high profile event for World Autism Awareness Day. It brought together experts in the field to discuss and raise awareness about social inclusion, with an emphasis on employment for people with autism. More than 300 people attended the event, including members of the Italian government and medical experts on autism.

    Watch Davide's story Watch Davide's story
  • Clients and Customers winner: High Growth Lending Framework team

    Recognising the importance of high-growth entrepreneurs to a vibrant economy, the team has developed a new proposition to enable these businesses to access bank financing at an earlier stage.

    The team has leveraged an existing framework and adapted it to suit small companies with high-growth potential at an earlier stage. The framework allows Barclays to support entrepreneurs and small companies while helping them access vital capital to grow and create jobs to employ others.

    So far the team has completed 15 later stage loans and three earlier stage loans, with total lending over £60m. 

    Watch the team's story Watch the team's story

    Colleagues winner: Tech for Teachers team

    The Tech for Teachers project was created by Barclays Technology employees to help teachers in the UK deliver more exciting and engaging computing lessons as part of the school curriculum.

    After volunteering with young people from local schools, the team began to understand the challenges faced by teachers in the UK when delivering IT and computing lessons. 

    The initiative was a great success, with more than 200 teachers attending workshops hosted by the Tech for Teachers team.

    Watch the team's story Watch the team's story

    Partnerships winner: Barclaycard Action for Children team

    The Barclaycard Action for Children team came together to leverage their skills and expertise to help the charity Action for Children enhance its fundraising approach.

    A team of ten employees from Barclaycard UK helped Action for Children with their brand positioning, campaign material, analytics, donor engagement and marketing capabilities.

    As a result of the team’s hard work, Action for Children has reduced its mailing list by a third, saving 38% on campaign costs, while increasing return on investment by 85%. Action for Children’s online donation volumes have also increased by 32%.

    Watch the team's story Watch the team's story
  • Clients and Customers winner: Reinette van der Merwe – Rhino debit card

    The Rhino debit card is an innovative product which promotes awareness and action for the conservation of rhinos in Botswana. 

    The partnership with the Kalahari Conservation Society (KCS), was introduced in Botswana in 2015 and is the first of its kind on the market. The product aims to ensure consistent and sustainable financial support to youths, who aspire to run their own businesses related to conservation. The project, now in its second year, sees more than 900 youths attend financial literacy and conservation sessions. To date, 20 young people, have attended a professional course in conservation and have been placed in jobs at game parks.

    Watch the team's story Watch the team's story

    Colleagues winner: Proud to be Barclays Committee

    Since 2009, Barclays’ colleagues have been supporting the Bless a Child Foundation, an NGO that provides care and support services to children suffering from cancer. 

    Colleagues have assisted the foundation in raising awareness, fundraising and volunteering. The tremendous input from the colleagues has enabled the organisation to secure a new centre for their operations, which also serves to provide accommodation for children in their care. Colleagues have increased the profile of the organisation which has helped in securing additional funding to continue their work. To date, colleagues have volunteered over 1,800 hours at the home and raised a total of 305,823,123 UGX.

    Watch the team's story Watch the team's story

    Partnerships winner: Diepsloot Mountain Bike Academy (DMA)

    The team runs a sports development programme which uses cycling to empower the youth of Diepsloot. 

    The academy beneficiaries have access to life coaching, skills-based training, educational support with maths and English and life skills mentoring. To date, the academy has had a direct impact on more than 240 youths in Diepsloot.

    Watch the team's story Watch the team's story
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We respect and support our employees’ choice to support causes they care about, and give time during working hours, as well as grants, to support the volunteering activities that are important to them throughout the year.

Barclays' flagship annual ‘Make a Difference’ volunteering campaign takes place in October each year, This campaign encourages employees to give time and skills – to help deliver the Shared Growth Ambition in the communities we live and work in.

Many employees choose to raise money for their favourite charities and community organisations. Our Matched Fundraising programme means Barclays matches what employees raise, up to £1,000 or local equivalent once each year. 

Barclays supports employees in the UK who wish to make regular contributions to charities and community organisations through the Payroll Giving and Pennies from Heaven programmes.

  • Payroll Giving is a tax-efficient way to regularly give to charity and Barclays matches contributions up to £750 per employee each year
  • Pennies from Heaven allows UK employees to donate from their salary each month to nominated charities.
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