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Citizenship is one of the ways in which we live our Purpose and Values at Barclays. 

It is a critical part of changing to become the bank of choice. Our Purpose – to help people achieve their ambitions – in the right way, and our Values – Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence and Stewardship – drive everything that we do.

Barclays’ annual Citizenship Awards recognise the incredible examples of Citizenship driven by our employees across the world, each and every day.

This year we received almost 900 nominations from across 31 countries, with finalists nominated in our three Citizenship pillars: The way we do business, Contributing to growth and Supporting our communities.

Following an internal regional and global judging process, comprising Barclays leaders from across the world, the winners were chosen by an external panel of NGOs, charities and global experts.

Meet our 2015 winners

  • Path to Prime Team, Barclaycard US

    Path to Prime Team, Barclaycard US

    The team developed ‘Path to Prime’, an innovative product helping customers with poor credit histories earn their way to a prime credit status.

  • Linkage Banking Team, Uganda US

    Linkage Banking Team, Uganda US

    Working with the Grameen Foundation, the team identified a unique way to scale up the financial inclusion of savings groups in rural Uganda, using mobile technology.

  • Shawn PM Golhar, Investment Bank, US

    Shawn PM Golhar, Investment Bank, US

    Shawn co-founded America Needs You (ANY), a mentoring and professional development not-for-profit organisation, providing intensive skills training to more than 500 low-income, first-generation college students.

  • Special Recognition Award: Overcoming Challenges Team, Operations and Technology, UK

    Special Recognition Award: Overcoming Challenges Team, Operations and Technology, UK

    The team delivered Overcoming Challenges and interview skills workshops to support young people in prison during the pre-release process, ultimately helping them become more productive members of their communities.

  • People’s Vote winner: Pressley Ridge, Associação de Solidariedade Social

    People’s Vote winner: Pressley Ridge, Associação de Solidariedade Social

    As part of our 325th anniversary celebrations, Barclays is donating a total of £325,000 to projects, nominated by our employees, which help young people achieve their ambitions. More than 500 projects were nominated. Five regional winners each received £45,000. You voted for your favourite and Pressley Ridge will now receive an additional £100,000 donation.

Meet the 2015 finalists

  • Africa CRES Team
    Barclays Africa Group, South Africa
    - Partnering with national energy provider, Eskom, the Africa CRES Team significantly reduced the Johannesburg Campus’s reliance on the national grid for its energy supply. The team structured a plan – the first of its kind – enabling the Barclays Energy Centre to co-power the Campus during peak usage periods, so that it could function off the grid. The project has delivered huge environmental and business benefits, decreasing the demand for electricity by 2,230,000kWh in 2014 – enough to power 2,230 households. Carbon emissions have been reduced by 1,614 tonnes and a net profit of R2.8m has been created by selling energy back to Eskom. Watch the video to find out more (new window).

    Sudhir Kundu
    Operations and Technology, India
    - Sudhir spearheaded the improvement of cash control processes, enhancing the customer experience, reducing the risks of losing customer money and saving the business 800 hours annually investigating claims. Sudhir conducted a detailed analysis of transactions to identify mapping issues which meant that customer payments were getting booked into incorrect accounts. This also required intense investigation to make sure corrective measures could take place for existing accounts. Incredibly, it has resulted in outstanding transaction cases being reduced from 1200 to less than 45. The project has also saved approximately 400 re-classifications of journals with a value of £12m and eliminated manual processes to significantly reduce the chances of incorrect transactions taking place. Watch the video to find out more (new window).

    SEC Be Green Project
    Barclaycard, Portugal and Spain 
    - In 2014, Barclaycard Spain followed the success of the 2008 ‘Be Green’ campaign in Portugal, to encourage customers to sign up for e-statements. Since the project began, 241,000 customers have gone paperless. The team worked collaboratively across the business to make sure e-statements were promoted at every customer touch point, and pledged to plant a tree for each customer that made the switch. To date, 52% of customers in Portugal and 24% in Spain receive e-statements and more than 240,000 trees have been planted, reforesting 253 hectares across Southern Europe. These efforts are helping make a real difference to the way we do business – making smart changes that benefit customers whilst also delivering a positive social impact. 
    Watch the video to find out more (new window).

    Accessibility and Inclusion Team
    PCB Corporate Banking, PCB Customer and Client Experience and PCB Personal Banking, UK - 
    The team worked closely with Barclays’ Digital Eagles and Corporate client Abbeyfield to tackle loneliness among the elderly population, by providing digital education sessions to help them keep in touch with their loved ones. Dedicating a huge amount of time and energy, the team developed a large-scale awareness and education campaign as part of International Day for Older People. In one day , 93 workshops across 200 Abbeyfield care homes around the world were delivered, teaching elderly people how to use Skype. In parallel, ‘Tea and Teach’ sessions were held across 126 branches for customers in the UK, as well as a thought leadership event in London in partnership with Abbeyfield. More than 150 Digital Eagles – a network of Barclays colleagues – advocated on behalf of the agenda, raising the profile of issues faced by elderly people. The campaign saw 1,000 participants benefit from the development of new skills, increasing their ability to stay in touch with friends and family. Watch the video to find out more (new window).

  • Women in Leadership and Return on Disability Team
    Investment Bank and Legal, US and UK
    - The team pioneered the development of diversity-focused investment products with the intent of catalysing social change through the public markets. In a first for the industry, the Barclays Women in Leadership Index and Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) track and provide investors with exposure to US-based public companies with gender-diverse executive leadership and governance. The team also launched Return on Disability ETNs, which provides investors with exposure to US-based public companies that have acted to attract and serve people with disabilities. Very few channels exist for clients looking to make investments in gender and disability-related products, helping to establish Barclays as a leader in diversity-focused investment products. The products are expected to scale over the coming years as investors are increasingly looking for ways to invest in socially-responsible themes.
     Watch the video to find out more (new window).

    Supplier Diversity Team
    Operations and Technology, Investment Bank, PCB Corporate, PCB Wealth and Legal, Singapore, UK and US
     - Barclays’ Supplier Diversity Day provided a platform for UK-based diverse suppliers to be considered for contracting opportunities and receive specialised knowledge from our banking and legal teams. After months of preparation, the cross-continental effort engaged colleagues in Singapore and London who interviewed more than 90 diverse suppliers from across the supplier diversity spectrum – small and medium-size enterprises and companies majority owned, controlled and operated by women, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities and LGBT entrepreneurs. The goal was to qualify prospective diverse suppliers for potential contracting opportunities with Barclays – or to expand opportunities for those already doing business with us. Working with the Business Units and Group Legal, the team introduced six masterclasses with the theme ‘From Micro to IPO’. The objective of the masterclasses was to help the entrepreneurs think about ways of using banking and finance to grow their businesses. The classes covered Mergers and Acquisitions, Intellectual Property, VAT, Debt Financing, Equity Financing (IPOs) and Wealth Management. Some of the businesses that attended the event have been invited to compete in request for proposal competitions, others have received contracts. The most prominent success was the awarding of a global contract to a woman-owned business that was invited to participate in an RFP immediately after the event. Watch the video to find out more (new window).

    Team School Café
    Barclaycard, Legal, Operations and Technology and Risk, Germany
     - Strengthening youth employability is vital to economic growth. For the past two years, the team has helped students in Hamburg set up and manage a social enterprise – their school cafe. A group of 11 Barclaycard colleagues have been involved in the project since its inception, dedicating more than 70 hours to help students build their strategic, marketing, legal, PR and financial skills. The team’s efforts have been instrumental in helping young people understand what it takes to run a profitable business. The café is now open daily, making 700 Euros in the second year of operation. In recognition of the partnership’s success, Barclaycard Germany recently received the ‘School Award’ from the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. Watch the video to find out more (new window).

    Juliet Rogan
    PCB Corporate Banking, UK 
    - Juliet led the team to create an innovative financing solution for Kano, a fast-growing tech company that produces low cost build-your-own-computer kits, which teach young people how to code. Despite a successful launch and a proven track record of their management team, Kano was not established enough for Barclays to lend to. Juliet recognised the company’s potential and strategically balanced its interests and priorities with that of Barclays’, to leverage a risk guarantee from the Barclays’ Social Innovation Facility. This enabled Kano to secure a working capital facility, helping it to scale quickly and make the product accessible to new markets. As a result, Kano’s kick-starter campaign has raised more than $1.5m with 13,000 backers. Kano’s revenue has also surpassed expectations, with projected sales figures at 54,000 units in 2015. Watch the video to find out more (new window).

  • André Ross
    Barclays Africa Group, South Africa 
    - With little access to opportunities, the prospects for young people in Diepsloot, Johannesburg, are limited. André co-founded a not-for-profit organisation, using cycling to help empower young people to become leaders in their community. Watch the video to find out more (new window).

    SkyBranch Offshore Team – Noida
    PCB Personal Banking and Operations and Technology, India and UK 
    - The Prayas programme was developed exclusively by the team, helping underprivileged women in India gain the skills needed to generate an income for the first time. Watch the video to find out more (new window).

    SEC Junior Achievement Volunteers
    Barclaycard, GFD Functions, Operations and Technology and Risk, Portugal and Spain
     - With high unemployment rates across Europe, colleagues hosted ‘innovation camps’ to help more than 170 students develop their entrepreneurial skills. Watch the video to find out more (new window).

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