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Citizenship Report

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Every year since 1998 we have produced a Citizenship Report, which provides an overview of our environmental and social performance, and illustrates the progress we’ve made against our targets in our latest Citizenship Plan.

The Report is independently assured and aligns with leading standards for non-financial disclosure.

Our Citizenship Plan is an evolving set of commitments which we aim to deliver by the end of 2015. We updated our Plan in 2013 in response to stakeholder feedback and also to align with our new Purpose and Values. Our Plan also includes a commitment to be as open as possible about how we do business – so it is transparent in a number of areas, for example, on customer complaints and satisfaction.


We have had a number of discussions with stakeholders over 2013 on a range of themes, including our Purpose and Values, views on the financial services industry and specific issues such as conduct, remuneration and tax.

Progress Update

Financial services and the banking sector play a critical role as an enabler of social and economic progress, growth and development. It is important that we consider the impact of our day-to-day activities, and create products and services that are not only commercially viable but also benefit society.

As a global bank with a diverse and integrated range of products for individuals, businesses, institutions and governments, Barclays can make a positive contribution to global economic growth and development.

Our joined-up business model enables us to stay relevant to our customers’ needs and help them to achieve their ambitions in the right way: be it to raise finance for a major corporate acquisition to helping someone buy their first home.

Our international scale and global expertise also enables us to transfer innovation across markets and scale solutions to help address social challenges; for example, using our global financing expertise to raise capital for the South African renewable energy programme or developing mobile banking technology to help increase access to financial services.

At the heart of our strategy is the strong belief that there can be no conflict between good results and good values if we are to build a successful, sustainable business over the long-term. Along with the financial services industry as a whole, we have faced unprecedented challenges and continue to do so.

The landscape for banks has fundamentally changed and will continue to evolve in the coming years. We believe these changes represent a structural shift and also create massive opportunity. We have embraced change as a business, with 2013 marking the launch of our Goal, Purpose and Values and the Transform programme.

2015 Citizenship Plan Commitments
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Download the full Citizenship Report (PDF, 1.43MB)Download the full Citizenship Report (PDF, 1.43MB) (new window) Read more about the Citizenship ReportRead more about the Citizenship Report (new window)
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