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Market Research

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At Barclays we value and listen to the opinion of our customers, in order to help us provide world class products and services.

From time to time we may contact our customers via telephone, email or post and invite them to take part in one of our Market Research programmes.

We use independent Market Research agencies following Market Research Society (new window) guidelines to conduct surveys on our behalf, and guarantee that our research contacts will not involve any selling or marketing. 

We will never ask for account numbers or passwords in our research programmes, and you should treat any email or caller who does ask for such details as suspicious. Please see our security page (new window) for further advice on scams and keeping your details safe. 

As such, any research contact will be a genuine opportunity to provide feedback on our products or services.

We do, of course, welcome feedback at any time, please see our contact details page (new window) if you wish to speak to us.





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