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Barclays colleagues today mark International Literacy Day with a series of initiatives across Africa.

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The United Nations event highlights the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies, and colleagues in the continent will today help disadvantaged people improve their financial literacy and money management skills by running seminars, workshops and school programmes.

In Ghana, Barclays Africa colleagues are organising a financial literacy programme for farmers and fisherman in the city of Tema, while in Mauritius, Barclays will run a school seminar to teach students about savings, loans and budget planning.

The financial literacy campaign in Botswana has been running since March, providing training on life skills and counselling to HIV-positive adolescents in six villages across the country.

Colleagues in the country will today conduct financial skills training in branches, malls and education centres for people ranging from mothers to entrepreneurs.

In Kenya, colleagues in the capital Nairobi will explain banking products and services to a community in Kibera, considered one of the largest slum areas in East and Central Africa.

In Zambia, workshops are being run for miners from the Mopani Copper Mines.

Programmes are also being run for young people in Egypt, traders in Tanzania, local government officials in Uganda and communal farmers in Zimbabwe helping them enhance their financial literacy.

My Money My Power, which covers topics such as financial planning and investing, is part of Absa’s financial literacy programme which since 2007, has reached more than 500,000 people in the country.

Other parts of Absa’s financial literacy programme include Bubomi, a classroom education scheme which utilises storytelling to explain differing financial needs, and educational radio stories which address savings and debt issues and are translated into indigenous languages.

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