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Barclays sponsors an event celebrating global environmental organisation WWF’s 50th anniversary.

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Barclays sponsors an event celebrating global environmental organisation WWF’s 50th anniversary.

The conference, which takes place this evening at the Royal Society in London, is entitled ‘World with a Future’.

It will explore the latest thinking on creative solutions to the world’s most pressing economic and environmental challenges.

The event also aims to help businesses better understand the ways to manage emerging environmental risks and develop innovative solutions that are profitable and competitive.

The connection between the environment, societal well-being, and long-term economic and business success will also be underlined.

Guests at the event include Lord Adair Turner, Chair of the UK’s Climate Change Committee; Yolanda Kakabadse, President, WWF International and former Ecuadorian Minister of the Environment; Ian Cheshire, CEO of UK-based multinational retailer Kingfisher; Professor Tim Jackson, Economics Commissioner on the UK’s Sustainable Development Commission; and Jean Desazars de Montgailhard, Executive Vice-President of French industrial company Lafarge.

They will participate in a panel discussion chaired by Jo Confino, Editor of the Guardian newspaper’s Sustainable Business section.

Barclays is sponsoring today’s event as part of its partnership with WWF.

It is working with the global environmental organisation on the £1.3m Preserving Eastern Africa’s Resources and Livelihoods (PEARL) programme, which is tackling the key issues that are threatening biodiversity, destroying natural resources and putting livelihoods at risk in the region.

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