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Rex Redstone taking a photo with his iPad

Rex Redstone at his home in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

Barclays Digital Eagles help ‘Instagrampa’ and novice internet users take to the worldwide web.

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Our lives may not be as exciting as our grandchildren's, but it's nice for our family to see how we are doing, because some live the other side of the world.
Rex Redstone

The oldest Instagram user in the UK is making waves around the world, with media outlets from Canada to Hungary eager to hear his story.

Rex Redstone, at an impressive 85 years of age, began showcasing his life experiences on the photo-sharing website, posting black-and-white photographs dating as far back as the 1920s.

The silver surfer now has one of the oldest collections of personal photos on Instagram, posting images of him in the armed forces, playing guitar in a band, relaxing on a beach, and tending to his garden.

Rex, who lives in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, started the project with the help of Barclays Digital Eagles, a programme designed to help older people get online.

Not content with having over 5,500 followers and having his pictures ‘liked’ almost 10,000 times, ‘Instagrampa’ is now encouraging other elderly people to share their own histories on the photo-sharing app, bringing their past back to life and creating a digital legacy for their family and friends.

“Our lives may not be as exciting as our grandchildren’s, but it’s nice for our family to see how we are doing, because some live the other side of the world,” Rex said. “I will be encouraging my friends to use Instagram, it’s a great way for all generations to share their stories through pictures.”

The Digital Eagles programme is supported by over 3,500 employees based in Barclays branches across the UK, helping beginner internet users with tasks such as online banking, shopping, using Skype or staying in contact with family and friends with Facebook. The Digital Eagles also help other novice users understand how the latest apps can make their lives easier.

“The Digital Eagles programme helps all our customers, regardless of age, to discover the benefits of being online,” said Steven Roberts, Head of Barclays Digital Eagles. “It’s always fantastic to hear about the people we’ve helped and ‘Instagrampa’ Rex is a brilliant example. Not only has he got to grips with getting online in his 80s, he’s now leading the charge to encourage his peers to do the same. ”

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