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Barclays Asia Forum

Eric Bommensath, Co-Chief Executive, Corporate and Investment Banking, opened the event.

The Barclays Asia Forum saw influential leaders and speakers take to the stage in Hong Kong to tackle a wide-ranging agenda.

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The premier macro-financial forum in Asia - now in its seventh year and attended by over 500 delegates from more than 19 countries - addressed topics including the rebalancing of the Chinese economy, tapering, geo-political policy and tensions, Likonomics in China, extreme events and an evaluation of Abenomics in Japan.

"We designed the forum to promote dialogue, and the exchange of ideas, as we believe that the best outcomes happen when we learn from one another in partnership," said Eric Bommensath, who opened the event.

This is the first year that the event has taken place in Hong Kong, opening up the forum to senior executives and industry leaders from mainland China. 

"The Barclays Asia Forum is a demonstration of the firm's commitment to Asia and acts as a thank you to our clients, by providing them with access to high-quality content and expert guidance on key industry topics," said Sir David Wright, Vice Chairman, who conducted discussions with the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, CY Leung and Chinese former Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing.

"It is designed to help delegates to navigate their way through the fundamental changes taking place in today's world, offering up predictions of future developments to help them capitalise on the altered landscape, while limiting exposure to new risks."

In another first, Bloomberg transmitted live from the forum, featuring interviews with four guest speakers, as well as Robert Morrice, Chairman and Chief Executive, Asia Pacific, Jian Chang, Chief China Economist, and Larry Kantor, Head of Research.

"The Barclays Asia Forum was a most insightful and stimulating day," said Robert. "After six years in Singapore, it was a big decision for Barclays to bring it to Hong Kong, but the attendance levels showed that our clients place great value on bespoke events of this kind. We are committed to bringing high-quality thought leadership to our clients across Asia."

The prominence of the event reflects Barclays' growth and increased stature and footprint since the forum launched seven years ago, and highlights the value placed on this as a platform by the business community.

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