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Shahlaa Tahira

A year ago, Shahlaa Tahira from London was at a career crossroads and didn’t know what her next steps would be.

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The opportunity has helped with my career opportunities because I've witnessed the main differences between radio and TV and I'm very grateful to have had this opportunity.
Shahlaa Tahira, Barclaycard Music Potential candidate

She dreamed of a job in in the music and entertainment industry and in pursuit of her aspiration, the now 24-year-old applied for and got a place on the Barclaycard Music Potential programme, a community investment programme offering opportunities to young people who are not in education or employment.

A year later, Shahlaa was offered the chance to get closer to her dream of one day becoming a TV and radio producer when she was invited to interview for the role of runner at the Barclaycard Mercury Prize awards show. Shahlaa impressed so much that she was offered the role on the same day.

Thrilled to be given the opportunity, Shahlaa shares in this article what she got up to during last week’s awards ceremony at the Roundhouse in Camden, London, which saw musician James Blake take home the top prize for his second studio album, Overgrown:

I met all the other runners and found out who would be working alongside which companies and artists. We then had a tour of the building and got to meet the team I would work with directly. I then got a look inside the broadcast truck.

12 noon
After grabbing lunch for the production team, I was shown how to create script cards for the presenters and was assigned a script to print and place on cue cards.

I sat in the broadcast truck and watched the dress-run of all the artists. It was interesting watching the director and witnessing his vision for the TV broadcast.
Leading up to the event I was mainly making sure everyone had what they needed whether that was food, copies of scripts, or simply a USB drive. It was non-stop running back and forth but gave me a big boost of energy for the main event.

6pm - 10pm (award show)
Once the event started everything calmed down and I was on call via the radio for anything that was needed. I then played an extra/marker for the cameramen so they could get the right shot when filming Nick Grimshaw.

The day was a great networking opportunity, an amazing experience and very insightful. The opportunity has helped with my career opportunities because I've witnessed the main differences between radio and TV and I’m very grateful to have had this opportunity.


About Barclaycard Music Potential

Music Potential is about creating unique opportunities for 16 – 24 year olds in London and Birmingham who are not in education, employment and training, helping them to build skills in the music and entertainment industry.

Music Potential forms part of Barclaycard’s wider involvement in music and entertainment, which is delivered through Barclaycard Unwind.

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