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Integrity Values installation at 1 Churchill Place in London

Barclays applies strict environmental standards, including the Equator Principles, and will not lend to projects unless they are met.

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We have no plans in respect of Abbot Point.

Barclays has a dedicated environmental and social risk management team in place to advise on transactions where there are potential environmental or social sensitivities, as stipulated by the Equator Principles. Our industry-specific risk guidance notes cover more than 50 environmentally and socially sensitive activities across 10 different sectors.

Our Environmental and Social Impact Assessment policy is the mechanism by which Barclays applies the Equator Principles – a voluntary framework banks can use to address the environmental and social risks of project financing.

Barclays was one of four banks which collaborated with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), part of the World Bank, to draft the Equator Principles in 2003, based on internationally recognised standards.

We remain actively engaged with the initiative, having been re-elected as members of the steering committee of the Equator Principles Association. Barclays was involved in the latest update of the Equator Principles, launched in June 2013.

To find out more about Barclays’ sustainable lending approach, please visit our Citizenship page.

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