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Entrepreneurial hubs, pockets of young start-up businesses are beginning to flourish in the UK beyond London and the South East, according to a new report published by Barclays.

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The research, conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit, focussing on trends in entrepreneurial Britain, found that contrary to popular belief, regions outside of the South East can thrive given the right conditions. A Northern corridor running between Liverpool and York, in particular, accounts for an increasing share of exciting, British start-ups.

A thriving entrepreneurial industry in the UK will create jobs and growth and have a knock-on effect to the wider UK economy. It has to be a good thing.
Antony Jenkins, Group Chief Executive

Each company selected for the Barclays Accelerator will refine their business model, culminating in a Barclays Executive demo day and a Public Investor demo day in London in September. Over the next three years, Barclays and Techstars have committed to working together to offer six different accelerator programmes, this being the first.

Find out more in the fact sheet (PDF, 705KB)Find out more in the fact sheet (PDF 705KB) (new window) Read the full report (PDF, 5.3MB)Read the full report (PDF 5.3MB) (new window) Find out more about how we are supporting entrepreneursFind out more about how we are supporting entrepreneurs
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