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Thousands of Barclays employees to rally behind 5 Million Young Futures
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From 1 October, Barclays’ annual volunteering campaign – Make a Difference – kicks off as employees support our 5 Million Young Futures commitment.  

During October, thousands of employees around the world will volunteer with young people to develop vital enterprise, employability and financial skills to help them achieve their ambitions. As part of our annual Make a Difference campaign, employees are helping to bring us one step closer to reaching our 5 Million Young Futures commitment.

In 2013, more than 14,000 employees participated – people like: 

Helder Correia, Portugal

Helder Correia, Europe

Helder, an enthusiastic volunteer at Barclays, volunteered his time to mentor two young university students as part of the UCAN programme. Through the programme, young people who would normally be unable to pay for university are given scholarships to attend.  But that’s not all he did, he also ran money and life skills sessions for young people at a local prison.

On why he volunteers, Helder says: “For me the main reason to get involved is the opportunity to share, to know, to help. Ultimately, to be part of something that will help young people – but it also helps you in your life.”

Ritika Jain, Singapore

Ritika Jain, Singapore

Ritika has been an active supporter of Make a Difference and in 2013 she ran a workshop for young people to inspire a deeper interest in education – ultimately, supporting beneficiaries with their employment prospects.

Ritika says: “The workshop was a great learning experience not only for the young people, but also for the volunteers. For colleagues participating, volunteering activities provided great opportunities to improve soft skills such as communication, time management and teamwork.  I believe we all have some skills to share, and through small efforts from our end we can come together to make a huge difference to someone’s life, why not?”
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Prudence Mabiletsa, South Africa

Prudence Mabiletsa, South Africa

Prudence is an active Barclays’ volunteer in Johannesburg. During last year’s Make a Difference campaign, she and her colleagues worked with local school students to teach them vital knowledge and skills to help improve their long-term employment prospects. The team ran fun, interactive activities aligned to the school’s curriculum to enhance their literacy and numeracy skills, and spent time mentoring the young people about life after school.

On her experience, Prudence says: “I have learned that the value of selfless giving is greater and more joyful than receiving. One is never too old to learn, simply because as we volunteer to help young people, we also learn humility, empathy and the patience we should have towards others – especially considering the barriers we face in a country with 11 languages. Through volunteering, we are helping to build the future leaders of our nation.”
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Leanne Porter, US

Leanne Porter, Americas

In 2013, Leanne participated and helped coordinate an entrepreneurship programme with the Stubbs Elementary and East Side Charter School. Along with other colleagues in Barclaycard, she taught students the fundamental steps needed to start a business – including how to market and pitch a product. At the end of the programme, Barclaycard hosted a ‘Market Day’ where the students sold their products.

On the experience, Leanne says: “That time spent with students can really help them feel a connection with someone, especially if they struggle socially, academically, or another way outside the classroom. Through mentoring or working with them on these special projects, you get to know the students and give them another outlet to showcase their talents. While that is rewarding in itself, it’s a way to remind yourself the benefits from the experiences you had growing up and is another reason to be grateful that you are in the position to give back.”
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Jeff Rosser, UK

Jeff Rosser, UK

Jeff plays a strong role in encouraging his colleagues to get involved in 5 Million Young Futures volunteering activities – especially during last year’s Make a Difference. Leading colleagues in his area, they arranged LifeSkills training at a local branch for school children.  But his efforts didn’t stop there. The team ran further sessions with young offenders at a local prison, youth groups, local schools and further education colleges.

Reflecting on his experience from last year, Jeff says: “It sounds cheesy, but it’s very true, the feel good factor from knowing you've made a tangible difference to a young person is worth the time and effort invested. Think back to when we were that age and how much did we know? What support might we have received?” 
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