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Barclays has reduced its global carbon emissions by more than a fifth since 2012, exceeding its target of a 10% reduction by September 2015. 

Barclays is focused on proactively managing the environmental impacts of its business, and where possible seeks to find new ways to address challenges. One such example of this is an innovative partnership Barclays established with the small start-up, Smart Buildings to design and develop an industry-leading remote building portfolio management tool. The tool enables users to remotely manage and maintain building equipment such as boilers, lights, and thermostats across large building portfolios around the world and has revolutionised routine maintenance, bringing with it environmental benefits as well as cost and resource efficiencies.

By working together to design and develop the device, Barclays has helped Smart Buildings to deliver an industry-wide step change in traditional infrastructure management. Traditional processes use physical communication devices within a particular building to monitor that building’s processes. This device translates the building management control requirements from set points and at specified start times into a common language so all the building equipment can work in harmony. This system is resource intensive, requiring service engineers to make regular inspections and visit branches to repair faults reported through a ‘call-out’ service.

The Smart Building’s device revolutionises this approach. By using an ‘intelligent box’ and web-based cloud technology, it provides a single interface which connects the existing hardware within buildings across multiple sites. Accessible via an app across multiple platforms from desktops to iPads or smartphones, this device enables property managers to remotely review and manage performance of systems within any chosen building in real-time, delivering cost and resource benefits. 

With Barclays’ support, we have developed a global leading product, which has really put Smart Buildings on the map. I can’t thank Barclays enough for the opportunity and belief in helping us to develop this.
Mark Davenport, CEO, Smart Buildings

Barclays is planning on deploying this application across its entire UK portfolio by the end of the year. In early trials across 12 Barclays branches up and down the UK, estimates indicate an annual saving of approximately 282,000kWh - the equivalent electricity consumption of more than 26 UK homes over a year - and 127 tonnes of CO2 and a cost saving of approximately £28,000. Smart Buildings is looking to expand the offering to other organisations. 

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