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United Nations International Women’s Day (IWD) on 8 March is an opportunity to reflect on the social, economic, cultural achievements and contributions of women. 

Barclays has taken part in IWD celebrations for more than 15 years, becoming the first financial services company to sign up to the United Nations HeForShe campaign in 2015. This year, Barclays will use IWD to profile the HeForShe campaign further, encouraging colleagues to become Champions and commit to take action, both in and out of work.

Gender equality has been fundamental to Barclays’ success across several centuries. From enabling female clients to become pioneers within an industry in eras when business was a ‘man's world’, to Hilda Harding who made history when the bank appointed her as the UK’s first female bank manager in 1958: Barclays is proud of its legacy, and building on this legacy is critical to our future success.

Barclays’ mission remains focused on increasing the representation of women in senior leadership by one percentage point a year. While we have been recognised externally for our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we accept there is still work to be done. As an international business, we recognise the essential contribution women make to the global economy. There has been a significant increase in female entrepreneurs, wealth owners and household breadwinners in recent decades and we have a responsibility to support the aspirations and potential of women everywhere.  This is our commitment.  

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Women and Barclays timeline

Take a closer look at the events in UK that impacted women and Barclays colleagues who pioneered greater equality in the workplace

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