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Tinie Tempah has teamed up with Barclays for the ‘work experience of a lifetime’ campaign – giving ambitious young people the chance to break into dream careers in sports and entertainment.

The award-winning rapper helped launch the 2016 campaign at the studios of Disturbing London – the music and fashion label he established 10 years ago – offering one person the opportunity to gain behind-the-scenes experience at his creative hub.

As well as the chance to be mentored by Tinie, the initiative, open to 18-24 year-olds, will see some of the biggest sport and entertainment brands open their doors for week-long placements – including The O2, Premier League, Shazam, Manchester City FC and British Athletics.

Tinie, who once confessed that his dream job was to be an accountant, said: “I’m really pleased to be working again with LifeSkills to offer young people the chance to secure the ultimate work experience opportunity at one of their favourite sports and entertainment brands.

“Confidence, dedication and a passion for what you want to do, are key if you want to work in your dream job and do what you love for a living. That’s why we’re also throwing open the doors of my business, Disturbing London, and invite someone who thinks they have what it takes to work in the entertainment business.

“I have so many projects coming up this year that I can’t wait to see what someone can bring to the table.”

Confidence, dedication and a passion for what you want to do, are key if you want to work in your dream job and do what you love for a living.
Tinie Tempah

Love what you do

The launch of the second ‘work experience of a lifetime’ programme coincides with the results of a new survey commissioned by LifeSkills, which revealed that the top priority among respondents (aged 18-24) was to pursue a career they love (28%) – ahead of making money (15%) or even landing the top job (11%). Moreover, 80% of Brits said that they want to secure a job that allows them to follow their passions.

However, many young Brits feel limited in their capacity to attain their dream jobs, with half of those polled citing a lack of confidence as the top reason for holding them back. Many also believe they lack the necessary experience (42%), or don’t have the right contacts in the industry (35%).

Kirstie Mackey, Director of LifeSkills, said: “It’s fantastic to see so many passionate young people wanting to pursue a career they love, but worrying that they feel like they don’t have the confidence to achieve their dream role. The results show young people clearly value the importance of work experience, but are held back in their quest to secure a placement.

“LifeSkills not only helps young people get the skills and experiences they need to enter the world of work, but the ‘work experience of a lifetime’ programme can help them secure placements with some of the most exciting organisations and brands in the UK.”

Interested in securing a work experience of a lifetime? Apply online. The deadline for applications is 4 December 2016Apply online
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