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International Banking

International Banking

Unlock education

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Unlock education

With expert guidance on the British education system

The UK is known for its world-class education system. We’ve drawn on our 325 years of banking experience in Britain as well as guidance from Barnaby Lenon, Chairman of the Independent Schools Council and former head of Harrow School, to help you unlock education in Britain.

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  • An interview with Wendy Piatt

    Why are British universities so popular with students from around the world? Wendy Piatt, Chief Executive of the Russell Group of British Universities, gives us an overview.

  • Finding the right school for your child in the UK

    If you’re looking for a British education for your child, you’ve got plenty of schools to choose from. But what do you need to think about when you’re looking for the right one? 

  • Life at a British university

    Three international students share their experiences and explain the benefits of studying in the UK.

  • An interview with Barnaby Lenon

    British schools are world famous, but which one is right for your child? Barnaby Lenon, Chairman of the Independent Schools Council and former head of Harrow, shares his view.

  • Choosing the right British university

    Foreign students are attracted to British universities for the world-class education and lively cultural scene. But picking the right degree requires careful research.

  • Educating your child in the UK

    British schools are a popular choice for parents who want to educate their children abroad, but competition for limited places can be tough.

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Unlock more of what Britain has to offer with Barclays Unlock Britain app

Download the Unlock Britain app* for on-the-go access to information, tools and insights to help you Unlock Britain. Find out more.

*App available in selected countries

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Want to know more about how we can support you in the UK?

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